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  1. Daddy with the actual truck, wish it was color
  2. This is the truck Daddy drove I did several years ago. Mr. Evan Hermel over sat scale auto sold me the resin to covert the cab from a 1/2 ton to the F-600. The tank portion was created using sheet stock and a junk tanker kit.
  3. That's Daddy in the background taken in December 1969 according to the calendar in picture over his shoulder.
  4. Used sheet stock to create smooth fenders, flammable sign and telephone wire for the hook ups
  5. Painted the mud flaps and sanded them off leaving the Mack logo, sharper lines than painting by hand
  6. Thanks for the comments, I really enjoy subjects people can relate to. This one is truck copied from pictures back in the day when my father worked for a local distributor, Enterprise Oil here in Cartersville GA. He worked for the company 43 years and was proud of it so I am partial to anything Shell related. Tried a new technique for the Shell lettering using shipping labels. Printed using Word and cut to fit the area I cut the letter outlines and used it for the template since I could not find any water slide subjects. Worked pretty well and required minimal touch up using a rattle can, I just did not spray it wet instead spray several dry coats.
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