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  1. Nice clean build, Johnny! Those Dodge cabs can be a real challenge. Bob
  2. Hi Graham, I just found those photos of your Mack LJX. Very impressive model, indeed! Bob
  3. Thank you, Mario! I agree with you on the bigger wheels. Most of the heavy duty Mack, Autocar, and Brockway, dumps, mixers, and lowbed rigs had big 24" rubber for decades. Too bad the AMT Autocar /MPC Macks did not include the bigger wheels/ tires in their kits. Thankfully, the aftermarket guys were/ are able to fill those voids. The paint is Rustoleum Gloss Emerald Green over Rustoleum gray primer. I photographed it from a low angle on my rear deck in natural sunlight.
  4. Thank you, Graham! I'd love to see some photos of your LJX Dumper. Can you post some?
  5. Thank you for the tip on the pinstripes, Warren! Love your Brockway 361 dump, by the way!
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