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  1. Jeff, This Autocar build is gonna be, as we say in Boston, "wicked awesome"! How did you make the horizontal angle braces on the lower dump body? Makes it look like the real thing. Bob
  2. Dan, I like the paint and graphics on this one! You're doing a great job! Bob
  3. Brian, you did a great job with a very difficult model. I've built several, so I know what you had to deal with. Bob
  4. Greg, you did an outstanding job with this build! Looks just like the one in the "EMERGENCY" TV pilot. Bob
  5. Hi Dan, This is one very impressive build! Top shelf work all the way! Bob
  6. Greg, thank you much! I've seen a lot of your work, mostly fire apparatus,, and you're not too "dusty", yourself! Bob
  7. Thank you, Brian! The dump body is still in the paint shop, and I have a few more details to add.
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first photo submission to this forum, although, I have been a member for quite some time. This will be a typical northeast Mack B-81 "ten wheeler dump" from back in the day. The cab, chassis, and running gear are from Dave Natale at American Industrial Truck Models, and the dump body is a glue bomb AMT Montone that I got off Ebay. It has been completely redone, and is in the "paint shop" now. The plow frame is from Ryan Pedone. There are still many details yet, to be added. Thanks for looking. Bob
  9. Graham, this is truly a magnificent piece of craftsmanship! I actually thought that it was the real thing at first! Outstanding! Bob
  10. Marcus, beautiful build!! Where did you get the tool box for the bed?
  11. Lee, nice job on this conversion!! You can do a lot with those JMT Mack tankers! Keep up the good work!
  12. Larry, this is just an amazing build! You've captured the "look" and stance of this subject unbelievably! Great work!
  13. Lee, if you are looking for some input, the Mack B-75 would look great as a tractor! The B-81 would look great as either a tractor or a dump IF you got some 24"tires/ wheels from Dave Natale at AITM Models. He produces some great parts and kits!
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