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  1. A little progress started roughing in the nose.
  2. Bill, I think you maybe giving me far to much credit in my abilities than is deserved! Thanks🙂
  3. With a great deal of help from Tim and his vast knowledge of this Montego's. I'm trying create a 76 NASCAR body. I started with the Revell 1975 Torino. Here we go! This what we have so far.
  4. That looks great!! Check the master was the MPC hood I have learned. The idea was not to have to buy both kits to get te correct car.
  5. Forgot to add fits the JO-HAN kit.
  6. A member here on the site lent me their master of the correct Nascar 72 Torino hood. Over the weekend I poured some molds and on Monday casting!! What do you think?
  7. Forgot I had to cast some headers!
  8. Got some primer on the $5 ebay parts chassis!
  9. Finally got all my update parts cast for this project! Hopefully I can get back to building the car, as soon as I fill orders.
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