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  1. gks1964

    Petty RR

    I don't either, that's why I thought he drove a Charger in '72😀
  2. gks1964

    Petty RR

    I thought by the end of '72 he drove a Charger, see how little I know!!
  3. Man that looks great! The new paint work is outstanding!!
  4. Thanks, You're right sir! The parts I used was what I had available as I couldn't find anything to match the period and only photo I could find.
  5. I'll build it as normal and check with the body!
  6. Any adjustment needed to the PL roll cage?
  7. Man that looks perfect! Love the grill and the rear bumper work, Outstanding!!
  8. You barely see any of the damage. But I lost both upper control arms somewhere. Guess I'll make new ones.
  9. Well get some wheels on it and we have a roller. Had to rebuild it after a crash with a hardwood floor!
  10. Should the fuel cell be in the truck and the bottom of the chassis have a plate covering were the gas tank was?
  11. Here's some I found of the Coors car. Wrong pix loaded!!!!
  12. Thanks guy's great stuff. How you duplicating the spatter paint? Think I'll get out a chassis and look at it good!
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