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  1. Anyone know if this car ran with one front windshield brace or two?
  2. That's a sweet looking car Howard! Hope you can find what you need!!
  3. I can't help you with the body, but that would be sweet to see you build that one!
  4. Is this chassis easier to build into the Nichels chassis than the AMT chassis?
  5. Did you have to lengthen the chassis?
  6. You can get some at AUTOSUPER-PARTS on ebay!
  7. Too bad you loss the WIP this would be awesome!!
  8. The more of your builds I find the more choice of available bodies there are to build some great classic cars.
  9. The prices go up and up, the quality goes bye bye!!
  10. Another one I somehow missed! Great looking build.
  11. Trying to finish the engine and found a firing order drawing if it is of interest to anyone.
  12. Will do!! Here's the chassis so far.
  13. Missed this one!! Looks great!!
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