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  1. Bill, That came out nice1 Did you rework the engine or replace it ? Gerald
  2. When I grow up I want to be like you!!!! LOL Gerald
  3. Has anybody here completed one of these kits? I opened one of them out of the stash today and didn't care for much of what I saw! The detail seems lacking, the engine and frame look very unrealistic to me. The body seems fixable, but I think the rest of the parts need replaced. Wanted some opinions, possible parts sources for and just general thoughts on this kit. This is what I intended to build. Thanks. Gerald
  4. Sweet!! Great body work. Gerald
  5. Great work! Love the seat! You could do a WIP just on the seat alone. Gerald
  6. I've never seen this car either, your build looks spot on! Gerald
  7. Love this WIP. I have long wanted to build the Earnhardt #2 Buick. I think this and information from Dr. Larry may inspire me to actually give it another try! Thanks, Gerald
  8. This is really interesting, as I have long wanted to build this car! I have a 1977 Earnhardt Cutlass that I converted from the old '74 Johan Cutlass kit and have Buick body started from the same Johan body that is not good! Looking for a new starting point!! Thanks, Gerald
  9. That very interesting! I was unaware of these differences, thanks for the clarification. Gerald
  10. Super detail! I love it!! Gerald
  11. Love the '70's cars!! Gerald
  12. Will you be selling the body castings? If so I'm very interested!! Gerald
  13. I think Chevy engine orange maybe the winner! Gerald
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