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  1. Cast these to use on the 351c engine from the AMT TBird kit! BOSS Intake and Dominator carb.
  2. Mark at ACE will have them soon.
  3. The Earnhardt #8 Goodwrench. Think Powerslide.!!
  4. Just making a body to cast! Seems to be something that there is interest in!!
  5. Messin' around with this lately.
  6. Stretched AMT 90's Tbird chassis!
  7. I used the MPC Isaac Torino kit, with a Johan rear bumper. The chassis is an AMT NASCAR Tbird is stretched 3/16. The engine is from the AMT kit also.
  8. Laying on the table! I forgot it!! Guess I should glue it on!!!
  9. Kind of like the Ford version of the bath tub intake!
  10. Made an intake for the 351c engine!
  11. So time in the near future hoping to build this one. Tim Stevens mastered the body and I cast copies of it!! Includes screed grille and options of single or double light bezel covers. Dave Van gave me the decals for it!!
  12. Awesome as always!! The paint is fantastic!!
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