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  1. Yellowsportswagan and myself mastered and cast it!
  2. Nice!! Can't wait to it finished!!
  3. I printed them on my 3D resin printer!!
  4. I'm doing a 60 Chrysler New Yorker!
  5. Excellent build!! I followed it from the start. You did an amazing job Sir.
  6. Beautiful build!!!
  7. Outstanding work!!
  8. Chassis is almost finished. Just the exhaust dump pipes left.
  9. Got the 2K on her and chrome back from the plater!!
  10. I'm very interested in your progress!!
  11. That blue is killer!!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous job!!
  13. Excellent work Mark!!
  14. Got the decals on her!!
  15. Got the pinstripes today! After hours of frustration. I think it was worth it.
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