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  1. Excellent build!! I followed it from the start. You did an amazing job Sir.
  2. Chassis is almost finished. Just the exhaust dump pipes left.
  3. Got the 2K on her and chrome back from the plater!!
  4. I'm very interested in your progress!!
  5. Excellent work Mark!!
  6. Got the pinstripes today! After hours of frustration. I think it was worth it.
  7. It was painted with a lot of advise from Tim Stevens.
  8. GOT THE WHITE ON HER!! Extremely difficult paint job for me.
  9. It's PPG Automotive paint mixed by a local shop. The color is 1956 Ford Regency Metallic.
  10. Finally got the purple paint on her!!
  11. This is a rebuilder that fought me all the way!!
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