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  1. Thank you. I had more fun building this kit than any 1/25 I've built. I have a trumpeter MAZ-537 coming, hopefully coming soon. I hope it will be a fun build too
  2. I lived in Thornton near 104th & Steele for awhile. I'm up in Frederick now
  3. I just finished this tractor truck from Trumpeter. It had a lot of parts, and they were very detailed. I was very happy with this kit. I built it box stock, with the addition of an antenna, and suzi coils. Some of the decals made no sense, and were just gibberish. This was really the only thing wrong with the kit. I used the decals that I could, and I'm happy with the result. Thanks for looking!
  4. I forgot to show the antenna that I made
  5. Thanks for all the kind comments. I finished this puppy up today. I used some thread for the winch cable, and painted it metallic gray. I'm not sure if it was normally stowed at the rear of the tractor, or at the winch itself. I just left it on the winch. I made some more strap material for the spare tire. I also made the whip antenna, and the suzi coils. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll post it in the under glass section The kit came with a PE ratchet strap for the spare. I made some strap material from masking tape that I painted yellow. They may have had olive green straps or something, but I just wanted something to stand out a little. I also made some suzi coils from wire material that I had I'll post it in the under glass section
  6. Some more progress here. I got the cab put together. I painted the doors, and applied a gloss clear coat. I can then apply the decals without the "silvering." I let the decals set, then applied a clear dull coat. I'm happy with the results. I also got the decals on the outside of the doors, and front of the cab I put together the muffler and heat shield A little more work on the cab and got it mounted. I made mirror lenses from metallic duct tape I put the glad hands on the back for the pintle hitch Started work on the platform And put the engine cover together Fuel tank and fenders on I just have the winch, 5th wheel, platforms and spare tire left
  7. Our vehicles in the Coast Guard weren't specially painted. They were just factory vehicles. Our ships had a "Countermeasure Washdown System" which was just a bunch of sprinklers that had sea water pumped through them. We used the sea water to rinse off any chemical/biological agents
  8. The CARC decal goes on the inside of driver's door. I searched for photos, and found a few "walk around" photo sets. I verified it this way I agree, it should be SGT Engelmann. I got rid of the space, and used hydraulic oil decal. Couldn't use Diesee Fuel, drain air tank saile, allcu for expansion, etc. I found that a lot of the decal placement as per instructions are incorrect also. For instance, it shows the decal for the gear shifter as going underneath the dashboard on passenger side. Besides the decals, this is a great kit
  9. Same here. I clean up all the parts and just put them together the way they intended. Haven't had any problems
  10. Here's the kit decals. I'll just use what I can, no big deal
  11. Cool, thanks for the info. I wasn't sure what color it should be. Maybe it was a crate motor replacement from DD? Luckily it won't really be visible under the hood.
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