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  1. It looks like the mud flaps attach to the dump bed
  2. Got some more work done today. I'm on call at work tomorrow, so probably won't make any progress. I started out making some frame extensions for the rear stinger. I cut the sides from sheet, and attached strips for the top and bottom. I also filled in the weird vertical slots that didn't seem to correspond to anything. I put together the frame, and realized that I had lost a cross member. Spent a long time looking for it. Wound up building a new one from scratch. Once I was done for the day and cleaning up, I found the missing piece under the instruction sheet. Oh well (shrug) The instructions were pretty vague for the rear suspension, so I spent a while test fitting stuff. Finally figured it out Then I got busy on the front suspension. The steering linkage was a bit of a challenge, but I got it all together. Then I got the engine mounted Then I got the wheels on Then I air brushed a light coat of dust. I will finish to dust coat up once the rest of the build is complete. It doesn't really look great at this point, but I don't want to over do it And for some reason, everytime I make a post, it always adds extra pictures at the end. So any pictures that appear after this are ghosted??
  3. AMT kits are a little harder than others. Sometimes the instructions are vague, and don't show exactly where a part is supposed to go. Sometimes it requires a little test fitting with trial and error, before you actually build. There's a little more satisfaction that comes with it though. Good luck!
  4. Well, I decided to try to make frame sections from styrene while waiting for the abs channel. They came out pretty good. Should have just done that to begin with lol. I'll experement with the abs in the future
  5. I ordered the abs because it was the size I needed. They didn't make it big enough in styrene. I'd rather just slap channel on than cobble it together with strips and sheet. I saw that abs glue from home depot is 60% mek, and I think also has acetone. Think that would work?
  6. I got the steps mounted on the frame, and added some mudflaps under the battery box And a shot of the grille and head lights
  7. I got just a little bit done on this, I got the rear mud flaps mounted I had a mishap with the headlights, and lost a couple lenses I filled in the headlamps with testors clear glue, and painted it white. I don't like how they came out, but oh well...
  8. The visor is from the AMT 359 kit
  9. I need to add a "stinger" at the back of the frame. I ordered some channel from plastuct, so I'm waiting on that. But I worked on some chassis pieces, and the cab, First I sprayed the cab in red primer Then I dry brushed on some rusty color Then I did the salt masking technique. I applied some rock salt. All I had in salt that big was garlic salt, so there is some garlic in there as well, lol. It worked though Then I shot some yellow Then I air brushed in a bit darker detail Then I sanded a little bit more rust in Then I worked on the hood Some rusty dry brushing A little salt masking and shot some green A little bit of air brushing some lighter green The hood and some touch up work on the cab And I got some chassis pieces weathered Here's how she sits now, thanks for looking
  10. I am building the Autocar dump kit, and I want to lengthen the frame. The frame rails measure 7/16" in height. Neither plastruct nor evergreen offer styrene channel in that size, but plastruct does have ABS. On plastruct's catalog, it shows recommended glues for both, and they recommend the exact same glues for both. But under the description for their glues, it says they will bond like materials, ABS to ABS, styrene to styrene, etc. I normally use testors orange tube cement. Will that bond ABS to styrene, or do I need to use CA?
  11. Thank you. I was told elsewhere that it will fit both, so I already went ahead and ordered it. I will probably build a ROG pete in the future, so I'll just hold on to it
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