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  1. We will be vending there! come and stop by and chat. Manny VCG Resins www.vcgresins.com
  2. I have Bandit Resins Scamp, very nice!! He also has the dart that is now finished on his website. That's my next one to get lol Manny
  3. I just bought a scamp from them and it is sweet! Going to be a drag/street car. Manny
  4. Looks awesome jim! Love the wheels
  5. Hey Daryl, I wasn't refusing your order request. Lol I just don't want you to pay for it and have to wait more then a week for it. I am very busy here however I do orders in the order I receive them. Example: if you placed your order today it would be 2-3 weeks. If you email me in 2-3 weeks it may be 2-3 weeks from that time. It all depends on when I received the payed order on how long before it will be shipped. I let everyone know before hand how long shipping will be. We'll anyway like John had said Detail Master has some nice ones too. I know someone else had cool ones but I can't remember who it was now. Any questions feel free to email me anytime from the website. Manny
  6. i bought 2 sets of these and they are awesome! thanks again joseph will be buying more and looking forward to the new ones too manny
  7. Hey Joshua, Sounds cool, thanks. VCG Resins Resin & Aluminum Parts www.vcgresins.com mannyclub2000@yahoo.com Face book: www.facebook.com/vcgresins Manny
  8. hey kyle, welcome! im in Macedon Im from the city also. moved out this way a few years ago. Manny
  9. hey guys thanks for giving the info out. Lobbs you can email me directly with any questions too: mannyclub2000@yahoo.com also we do seperate engine parts also i prob just dont have them listed yet. manny vcg resins
  10. mannyclub

    Henry J

    lookin awesome so far bret! i always wanted to build a pro street ect of that car too, glad to see you building one. manny
  11. nice car scott! i remember building that one also. i should have kept it might have to get another one of those. manny
  12. Welcome back to the hobby and the forum! Engine looks good so far. Manny
  13. lol looks cool so far Jim, the unicycle is very cool! Manny
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