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  1. Klaus added a post in a topic I'm building a spray booth   

    Download the book written by Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick, and take a look at the info starting on page 145. There is a list of Grainger blowers on page 154.

    "How To Build Championship Scale Vehicles, Construction Considerations of Building Championship-Caliber Models."

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.
  2. Klaus added a post in a topic spray booth CFM?   

    Unfortunately, the 76 CFM fan is much too small to properly vent a 2'x2' booth. What you need to achieve is an airflow of 100 feet per minute for a crossdraft booth or 50 feet per minute for a downdraft booth (rule of thumb). The 76 CFM fan will provide an airflow of about 19 feet per minute.

    A 2'x2' booth has 4 square feet of area. For a crossdraft booth you should have a 400 CFM fan, and for a downdraft booth it should be 200 CFM. Those CFM values include any airflow drop due to duct restriction. In practice, you may have to find something like a 500 CFM fan so you'll end up with 400 CFM after the ducts are installed. If you're not using any ducts (blowing straight out of a window, for example), then the original numbers are fine.

    If you plan to use ducting, and know how many 45 and 90 degree elbows you'll need, as well as the length of the straight sections, I can suggest a fan to use.

    Let me know...
  3. Klaus added a post in a topic Hobby paint booths   

    Good for you Kyle, and good luck, I hope your booth sets the standard for hobby paint booths!

  4. Klaus added a post in a topic F1 News   

    Sorry to hear the news. Here's a link to more on this at Formula1.com: http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2008/5/7730.html
  5. Klaus added a post in a topic spray booth cfm   

    You're very welcome Kyle, I'm glad you found it helpful. I've wanted to rewrite that article for some time now, but I can't even find time to glue engine block halves together anymore :| .

    BTW, the Grainger 4C444 shaded pole blower has been discontinued. The replacement blower is the 4YJ31 permanent split capacitor blower. It has basically the same specs as the 4C444. The reason I bring this up is that the 4C444 seemed to be the most popular blower to use a booth. I've had several folks ask recently about a replacement model. FYI, the 4YJ31 is it.

  6. Klaus added a post in a topic spray booth cfm   

    I've been told that before (crazy, nuts? thanks...I think ), but to be effective and take some of the experimentation out of the process, yes, you need to have those numbers. Oddly enough, some booth builders will never know how well their booths could work had they taken the time to figure this stuff out. Not saying that it's impossible to build a good booth without those numbers, but based on what I've read and been told, there are plenty that would do a better job.

    FWIW, just trying to help.

  7. Klaus added a post in a topic Paint Box Ventilation Question   

    Bruce, whether or not 6' of duct will hurt the airflow of your booth depends on several things: fan/blower output, efficiency, and the diameter/length of the duct. With a quality fan/blower it may not make a difference. On the other hand, you could have overspray rolling out of your booth rather than being sucked into the filters.

    Take a look at the information at this link: http://modelpaint.tripod.com/booth2.htm

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  8. Klaus added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    SE Michigan Modelers: Nankin Hardware & Hobby...
    Nankin Hardware & Hobby is sponsoring a new monthly model contest.
    Bring in your model and register before October 27.
    Judging will be held on October 28 at 12:00 pm. Awards will be given out after judging is complete.
    On October 28, we'll have in-store specials and discounts...free snacks...and a great raffle!!!
    All ages welcome! Come alone or bring the whole family for a great day of fun!!!
    Entry fee: $0.00
    Limit 2 models per contestant.
    Store hours:
    M-F 8a-8p
    Sat 9a-6p
    Sun 10a-4p

    Contact: Nate or Bob
    Phone: 734/722-5700

    Nankin Hardware & Hobby
    35101 Ford Rd.
    Westland, MI 48185
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  9. Klaus added a topic in General   

    My first post here, so just a quick hello before...
    ...I have to get back to the rock-pile. I usually post on the HH/MB (not much lately though), and I see a lot of current and former members. Seeing all the familiar names kinda gives this place a homey feel ;-).

    Look forward to staying in the modeling loop here...

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