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  1. I have one for trade, but I am in Canada.
  2. Right, so when someone sends me a PM, I come to the MCM web, & unless that person that sent me the PM happens to be online when I am online I would have no way to answer their PM?
  3. Trade pending. Moderator please remove this post. Thanks. Bob
  4. Thank you Peter. So unless the person that I am trying to reach is on the MCM forum , I have no way of getting their E-mail address in order to respond to them ? Bob.
  5. Hi: Apparently when someone P.M. s me I cannot just hit the reply button after I type in my response . I have sent out several yesterday but were never received by the person who sent it to me, as I guess I do not their E-mail address. How do I go about correcting this. Thanks Bob
  6. Ace-Garageguy ,sent you an E-mail at 9:35 this morning ( Jan. 13 ). I will try right now to send another. Bob
  7. All " PM " s answered. Bob
  8. Complete. Has been painted ( not by me ) Will take two kits in trade. Oh , yea I am in Canada.
  9. All are new, all are solid one piece slicks. Don't really know what I would trade for , couple sets of big & little whitewall sets? 1/24 or 1/25 . Model kit missing parts? Bob
  10. Here's a pic of those A.M.T. Coddington wheels from the 32. & what I put them on. Bob put them on.
  11. Clear coated with Pro-Form 4/1 two part clear, airbrushed. Thanks Bob.
  12. Ceramcoat thinned with windshield washer fluid and airbrushed.
  13. Hi CabDriver: ( Jim ) A few pics of brake drums. First 3 pics of Scenes Unlimited brake parts, drums, shoes, & axle kit. Very nice. Dark grey pics from Fujimi Porsche 356 B 1600s roadster kit. Pics # 1152/ 1153 /1154 are from the Revell 30 Model A Coupe Bob.
  14. Micro Mark. More money but , you get what you pay for.
  15. Great work. Unbelievable detail. That rear fin thing is indeed called a cavitation plate, and the rear of the boat is called the transom. In the pic that you show the cavitation plate is adjustable while driving, some earlier flat bottoms had a stationary cavitation plate . In boat racing the more boat out of the water, the faster the speed. Also great colors. Thanks for posting . Bob
  16. Fantastic. So well detailed & that interior is outta the park.
  17. Thanks all for the kudos. The engine is the six from the AMT 51 Chev . In order to use the extra frame, you do need to make a couple of very simple crossover pieces. But I did build 3 complete cars from this kit. Thanks for your interest. Bob
  18. Built from the extra frame and body parts from Double Dragster flat tin metal kit.
  19. Great work , looks perfect. Bob
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