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  1. Nope, unfortunately he isn't responding to any message that I've sent him recently. Not sure what's going on with that, but it is what it is.
  2. Wow, that looks awesome! I've got that one in the stash and I'm planning on doing it in Triple Yellow with silver stripes and probably Gloss Black wheels and accents. Thanks for posting it, I've been looking at ideas and pictures for my build.
  3. Looks cool as heck and the green fits it perfectly! It would definitely be a head turner in real life!
  4. The high back buckets look good. I'd go with those. Nice start and I agree on the AMT trucks. I've got the Freightliner Cab-over that is giving me fits, mostly the cab and the seam line from the sleeper extension.
  5. HA! I figured out how to take a screen shot off of my phone! I do know how to operate some technology... Here is the paint chip that he sent me, and a good picture of his Windsor. I asked him where he got the paint chip from, but I haven't heard from him in a week about it so...whatever. I'll just keep on modeling.
  6. Lets see... a Chrylser 300 (windsor deluxe ?) '69 hardtop Plymouth GTX- its been started by my youngest son '69 Ragtop Plymouth GTX- started by me alongside my youngest 2015 Ford GT- (a personal holy grail car if money ever falls from the sky)- opened but untouched 87 Buick GNX-opened but untouched '65 Chevy Stepside- opened but untouched Freightliner Cabover with a Tanker trailer- both at a major painting stage, but no warm area to paint in (west central Ohio) Mack DM 600 Truck- mostly assembled Millenium Falcon- the huge '80s AMT/ERTL one.
  7. Thanks again for the replies guys, very appreciated. Steve and GTX, yeah I was curious about it too, as Moebius specifies in the instructions that it was only available in black, red and white. I'm not one to argue, his car is blue and is a dead ringer for the model kit. I'll just build it and get it as close as possible to what the owner has. I can't do much more than that! Edit: Yeah, I was mistaken that he owns a 300, its definitely a 55 Windsor Deluxe. I can't seem to grasp that I can pinch and zoom on those photos to see things that are small. (My fault for that faux pas) So...yeah. Batting a thousand in this new year ?‍♂️
  8. Thanks for the replies gentlemen, it's appreciated very much. From the pics he sent me, its definitely more of a blue than a turquoise shade. I'll do some more digging and see what I can come up with. I'll look into paints that come close to it and if i can't do that, well then I'm probably going to try and eyeball the mix as best as I can!
  9. Thanks Espo, I've looked on his website and even autocolorlibrary.com and I can't even find the name listed under Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth paint chips. It's a little baffling.
  10. Hey all, My internet searching has turned up zilch on finding this color. I'm building the Moebius Chrysler 300 for a friend at work and he sent me this paint chip/code that it is painted in. I can't pull the picture of the chip from my phone, but here is the pertinent information 1955 Heron Blue 60-7119 (Lac.) 90-3110 (Syn.) on the left of the chip are the following codes U.303 L.303 INS.304 Any help would be appreciated
  11. I bought a bottle from them at the beginning of the year, before I had ever even researched the company on here or elsewhere (I live on the EDGE!). It was only after I placed the order that I found out all the issues from the BBB and the Mega-thread posted in these forums. Since it was only one bottle I didn't put much stock in ever seeing it show up. (I've wasted more money on other things to get my shorts in a knot over a bottle of paint) Lo and behold it did show up, with no major issues or hiccups: no phone calls or emails. I'll probably never buy from them again just because of the total randomness of their business practice. If I order from a website, I want assurance that it will show up in a reasonable amount of time, not a "well, we'll see if it shows up or not".
  12. Cybermodeler.com is also a good website to visit. He also has subject references which include detail and decal sets and are broken down by scale. There is also a model kit "Top Gun" if you will of the reputed "best kits" of the subject in each scale. Lots of great resources in there if you want to get into the real rivet counting aspect of the subject.
  13. Man I do love those Transtars! Nice looking rig and the little touches really go that extra mile. Good work!
  14. Nice looking Camaro and it seems to be a great fit for the family! I've got the Baldwin Motion on my wish list of kits.
  15. I work in Sidney but live in Covington. ?
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