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  1. Try modeltruckin.com They have a lot of options for decals, not sure about custom decals, but you can contact him and go from there. my 2 cents worth of info.
  2. Thanks guys! I've always liked the '50s turquoise as well, especially paired with a white interior. Luckily when we redid the front room, this truck fit the color scheme of the room and it was given public shelf space!
  3. Here's one of the first (actually third) models I finished when I got back into building model kits after a long stint of wargaming miniatures. The color is Testors Tropical Turquoise that my wife picked out. Built this one straight from the box.
  4. The color is Testors #1836 Deja Blue. I was building this one alongside a '70 Chevelle 454 for my brother-in-law as a birthday present and I added plug wires to his. I didn't do anything special to the chassis or engine on this one, I was detailed out, plus this one was just for me. But here's an overhead and a pic of the engine bay. I should probably go back and add some paint here and there in the engine bay to flesh it out more. Strangely enough, I have always been a Chevy man and the only models I have on display in my house are all Fords!
  5. Definitely B. Like others have said, it looks more like a muscle car should. Love the color, you don't see it often so that's what draws my eye. More so than the typical red/black cars.
  6. Thanks! Luckily/wisely I purchased and used Tamiya tape to do it with! Well worth the extra couple of bucks.
  7. Here's a couple of pics of the last model I completed in 2019 (1 of about 3 or 4 I did all year!) I had found some pictures online of one in this paint job and interior pics of another with a white interior with color blocking on the seats and door panels (but in red, not blue). So I combined the two and here we are! This one included a first for me, as the stripes are painted on with careful measuring and eyeballing. I was quite happy with the results and thought I'd share. I'll probably add a couple more touches in the near future, such as a personalized license plate and try and get the FORD trim on the trunk chromed/painted.
  8. Got four GORGEOUS looking BF Goodrich radial TA tires from Fireball Modelworks for a '70 Super Bee. All the parts are in place, now just to get off my duff and get building.
  9. I just finished one about a month ago, dark metallic blue with two white racing stripes and a white interior. I found inspiration from some google images while doing research and fell in love with the scheme. I'll post a picture of her later on. It's a nice kit that goes together well in my opinion.
  10. Nice looking trailer and one I would like to add to the back of my Mack DM600, if I ever get it done! Oh, and "Up the Irons!"
  11. In the last two days here's what I've gotten done: glued the front suspension and some other frame components together and onto the frame of a Mack DM 600 and decided to go with the Roadway paint job. For a '70 Superbee, I've chromed some cragar centerline rims, filled in pinholes on a resin interior and pitchfork hood, added the 6 pack carbs to the 440, drilled the block for plug wires and stared at and scratched my skull for how i'm going to add all the details that I want to the engine without going more insane. Unfortunately here in the frozen land of the Poisonous Nuts (Buckeyes), the painting forecast looks pretty grim. And its the one thing that I really need to get cracking on.
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