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  1. Looking for a set of Slixx Airhog decals. Anybody have a spare set and is willing to send to New Zealand Thanks Mike
  2. Can anyone advise if this decal set is still available.
  3. Has anybody produced any detail or resin parts for this kit? Would like to detail the one I'm building.
  4. Matthijs, I have never had a problem with any of the resin bodies Chris at C1 produces.
  5. Kurt. Check out this link https://rwb.jp/
  6. RWB NZ001. C1 resin body on a Tamiya 911 GT2. Aluminium rims deepened with modified centers from the Tamiya kit. Dash was converted to right-hand drive, a roll cage & seat belts added to the interior. Paint is a combination of Model master & Tamiya both enamel & lacquer.
  7. Sad news to hear. Like most here Don was an inspiration to me, even over in New Zealand. RIP
  8. I'm looking replicate the shield behind the driver on a T/F car. As per the photo of Clay Kemps dragster. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Also if anyone knows of an aftermarket one I could purchase.
  9. I resent my original email again. Keith came back to me straight away. No explanations but I have happily placed my order.
  10. Is anyone carrying Keiths decals. Keith won't answer my messages. I would like to buy 4 sets of his decals.
  11. Is Keith still in business? I have sent him 2 emails via his Fotki site but as yet have not heard back.
  12. Here is my version of the early kit, also in Grabber orange. One of my favourite kits.
  13. Your both correct re the wheels & caps. Replica & Miniatures part # W-7. A work of art on their own. I modified a set of tyres to suit.
  14. Here are a couple from downunder. 1st one Revell 32 Sedan converted.
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