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  1. Now is no time to be bashful. Second request: Please describe how the 1968 Firebird mold was altered to become the 1969 Firebird and what went wrong. Please describe it in this thread since you brought it up in this thread: No, it's awful. It was poorly converted from the fairly decent '68 Firebird and they left half the job undone. The whole basic shape of the sides is wrong, and this can't be easily fixed.
  2. Let me try again. Please describe how the 1968 Firebird mold was altered to become the 1969 Firebird and what went wrong.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Rust-Oleum-248941-Automotive-Accessories-12-Ounce/dp/B002JFQUT4/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=chevy+orange+paint&qid=1579597740&sr=8-1 AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts also has it by VHT and Duplicolor, respectively.
  4. I might try taking some strands of fine wire after the insulation has been stripped off and then coating them with Plasti-Dip from a spray bomb to mimic older harnesses wrapped in the non-adhesive black tape. As Peteski mentioned, wound guitar strings would do a nice job of duplicating the split loom tubing that been used for the last 30 years or so.
  5. I've shipped all over the world for a few decades now and IMHO the carton is woefully inadequate: cheap cardboard and too small for the contents. If the seller had sent it Air Mail it would've gotten special handling but it looks like it came over on a boat, in a shipping container, with stuff piled on top of it. If you can't negotiate a settlement with the seller and you paid with a credit card you might be able to get your purchase price back if you return it with a Tracking Number. The return on something like this is gonna be a little pricey and that why i only buy small things from the Old Country that can fit into a little bubble mailer. All those little bubble mailers come over on a jet aeroplane. 😀
  6. Or you can try running everything and see if it will take it without tripping the breaker/fuse. Remember the days when people put pennies behind a blown fuse? Genius, i'll tell ya' !
  7. By the looks of all that soot it had been leaking for awhile.
  8. The compressor and occasional other electrical items could be problems, depending on what they are. The computer fans are ok but electric motors that run on 120V are gonna be iffy with all that other stuff you have plugged in.
  9. Resin is known to be inherently unstable so it always bewilders me when people invest hours and hours in resin bodies.
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