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  1. OK sorry i misunderstood you, i dont do much picture posting on the web so this is new to me, but thanks for letting me know about a way to do it. chris
  2. Thanks! the front wheels are the revell snap wheels, the only problem is the hub is not recessed enough so they stick out a little. chris.
  3. No its only a kodak easyshare c1450, it takes ok pics in the right light, chris
  4. Rich pleasure to meet you, i do have a magnifier that works pretty good. keep on model truckin!
  5. This is an AMT kenworth watkins truck i am working on, been trying to post pics in (on the work bench) with no luck. i am new to the forum so if you see pics all over the place sorry!
  6. This is not a model, he took a real truck and shrunk it down with a shrink ray gun, WOW Awesome build!
  7. Hi Chris here from Colorado, I am new to this forum, same story i built models as a kid and then life happened and BAM! here i am an old man, now that i have trouble seeing small parts i have decided to start building models again (go figure) anyway i have gained some inspiration from all the modelers awesome builds on here so i will build again!!
  8. dissasemble


    it has the revell snap front wheels.
  9. dissasemble


    My first post here, this is my version of the watkins kenworth from amt.
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