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  1. I drove a 93 XL for 13 years and it never looked that nice. 😂 I have all the AMT 9th gen F150 kits, maybe someday I'll build at least a couple of them.
  2. Mr. Ross said that more than once, it was his catch phrase. 😂 Your model is a good representation of how most of these looked by 1985 or so.
  3. Looked ok to me but what do I know. 😂 I remember building the Lincoln MKVIII LSC years ago, same kit with a shrunken Lincoln body, and I recall it being "a fun one" if you know what i mean.
  4. If it was orange and a lot more beat up it would look just like one I used to see all the time by my aunt's place. Right down to the (faded in this case) for sale sign.
  5. Wow. In high school I briefly had a 78 Power Wagon in a similar shade of blue to the original version but with an identical rust pattern to the second version, lol. You definitely nailed the look.
  6. Love it! But a word of warning. The engine from this wouldn't be correct for a Nova, if being correct is you thing.
  7. I was sad to see Scale Auto go. It was really starting to get good again after years of getting stagnant. But if the publication isn't making money what can they do? Kalmbach isn't a charity organization, lol. What does rub me the wrong way is that the also nuked the website and forum. There goes about a decade and a half of useful material for automotive modelers. I'm getting FSM now and while there are a few token automotive articles I don't think I'll keep it going.
  8. I tried building one of these when they came out and I couldn't even get the rear door to fit right. Really nice job!
  9. Well... Kinda. The Longhorn bed was longer overall. The Ford Super Camper bed was still 8' but the wheel opening was about 10 inches further back than on a regular 8' bed.
  10. I spent 15 years as a forklift operator and let me tell you, you got the aging perfect. Where I worked a brand new machine would look like that in about six months.
  11. Great resto! A buddy of mine had one in the same colors as your model but his was a GMC. it was also a lot less shiny and a lot more rough, lol!
  12. I don't have experience with this seller but I've seen something similar with resin parts whrew the resin is mixed with metal filing. I want to say Model Car garage used to sell things like carbs cast with real metal filing. A somebody who's never gotten the hang of simulating rust with paint I'm intrigued!
  13. Love them all, especially the Firebird. I think I went to high school with that guy, lol.
  14. It is much closer to 1/20 scale than 24. That is a beautiful buildup! Probably better than that kit deserves, lol! You're making me regret giving away the one I had in the 90s.
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