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  1. Hate actually painting bodies. Worried I'll screw it up and it won't come out nice. I don't think I'm as picky as some of you guys though. Most of you build like professionally , I'll give it to you guys. I kinda like final assembly. Where it all comes together and becomes a whole car !
  2. Working on something kinda similar. A v10 viper into a 64 belvedere. Yeah the Dremel on the tranny top makes it fit better for sure ! Lol
  3. Kinda looks like it should be yellow like heavy equipment . But the good thing about modeling is that it can be whatever color you want it or think it should be ! No judging here lol 😜
  4. I like the idea of acrylics . They dry really fast and clean up with water . My question is that I have some gloss black acrylic craft paint I got at Wally world or somewhere and when I use it , it dries flat. What's up with that ?
  5. Nice build. Does a real Pontiac motor have both those pumps on the same side ? Usually alternator is on passengers side
  6. The real engine pic shows the valve covers correct. Your theory about the oil pan seems correct that the deep part goes towards the tranny, just make sure it fits correctly in the model it's going into.
  7. Still available if any interest
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