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  1. In the hospital again . Now is the 4th time in the last 5 months. 3 of them for the same problem infected leg wounds from bypass surgery. All together just sucks in general from being out of work to barely able to walk for months . Very stressful and depressing to say the least. So that's what irked me today ..pretty much everything about my current situation.lol thanks for listening guys ! I appreciate it
  2. I mean someone's gotta be there to cook a quick bite to eat after we bust out butts at real jobs
  3. Turn the car off with them on and they'll be stuck somewhere on the windshield.
  4. I been gone since a long time ago !
  5. Just my suggestion but I use lacquer thinner instead of enamel thinner. Testors gloss about 2/1 thinner to paint . Personally I don't think it has to be that precise to weigh it out.
  6. https://youtu.be/avrCpYrdkxk Will a link like that work or how do you guys put YouTube videos in here ?
  7. Clean the charging port out with compressed air. Possible that the charger /cable is junk but usually when a battery starts charging slowly or overnight it's the battery itself that's bad
  8. Wow I'm surprised that's even a real car. Look how the front wheels tilt out and the rear in. Lol
  9. Actually snake plastic spoons are made for eating. Sheesh thought everyone knew that ! 🤣
  10. Watched some of it last night. I tend to watch alot of street outlaws in general because I've been layed up for 3 months recovering from bypass surgery. From what I seen the other night and previous I pick that Ryan Martin is going to be very hard to beat this year. He's very fast and seems more consistent than the other guys so that's my bet !
  11. Maybe true , but you wouldn't look nearly as cool
  12. Beach boys - shutdown Fuel injected stingray with slicks . Ide enter that lol
  13. Welcome Ron ! Glad to have you here. Beautiful truck man
  14. Got some work done on the screamin chicken. Lol Almost done
  15. Hm if you have a newer android you can use Google lens and take a pic of it and it will tell you what it is
  16. I tend to buy and collect whatever is affordable. Found alot of kits for 10-12 online that I will swoop up
  17. I know there are kits of a 55 and a 57 cameo. By a quick look you should be able to build that truck you pictured most likely.
  18. Okay cool so we both win. Lol I vote to lock down this thread . If you agree smash that like button again people ! -->
  19. The roof height of the actual car and the model body shown aren't even remotely close. Very easy to see.
  20. Why are you so offended that you can't see who reacted in what way to your posts anyways ?
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