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  1. I buy alot of kits on mercari . The Ollie's kits are everywhere usually around 25 each with shipping for a 10 kit
  2. Dude if your wife wants you to go back and get a model kit I salute her ! Lmao that's that's a no Brainer
  3. Wow didn't know you were from ct like me ! Gotta check the Waterford Ollie's soon for models. Can't pass em up lol
  4. Wow now thats a cool truck I have never seen before!
  5. Do you theorize that Frank "the crank" had a long stroke 🤔 lmao
  6. Definitely got one of those . Pm your trades
  7. Looks great as always Lee ! Nice work. Love me corvettes
  8. Send me a pic of stuff you have to trade and I'll see if we can make a deal ! Thanks Ken
  9. I'll post pics of what kits I have asap. Then pm me with whatever deals you all think we can make. Thanks everybody ! Ken
  10. Hey guys I'm looking for models of 82-92 camaros or firebirds if anyone has one let me know and I'll post pics of kits I have to trade. Thanks ! Ken
  11. Mustang still looks cool anyways. We've all been there before. Welcome aboard !!
  12. How in the heck did you build that thing ???
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