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  1. Hi there! Here's some of my last builds. Low profile floor jack Bench grinder Tire changer machine Toolbox Oil catch can and oil can for dry sump system Oil drain
  2. Hi there! #DIY Sanding stick. During building my models I need to sand plastic. Sanding sticks are the best way to do this. I make them myself. For this you will need: -sanding paper(any grit you need) -double side foamed tape -plastic card or any piece of plastic -sharp knife -ruler First cut strip of plastic and sand edges to make them smooth. Then cut a piece of foamed tape and glue to plastic strip. Cut off excess tape. Cut necessary strip of sanding paper and glue it to the stick with tape. If you need double side sanding stick then glue sanding paper from another side.
  3. My common build. Turbo kit for nissan vrh engine. Collector is made from small pieces of styrene plastic. No heating only cold bending
  4. Forgot about one more equipment. 2 posts car hoist. Can be adjusted to different height
  5. Hello! My name is Sanya. I'm modeler from Ukraine. By the profession I'm a seafarer. Modeling started with 1/35 scale, but in the end stopped at 1/24. I like cars and everything that is associated with them. I adore build from scratch. Here are some of my works. P.S. Sorry for my English. It is not so good as I want but I try to improve it.
  6. Hello to everyone! Here's some garage stuff I built for my future dio. Scale 1/24 Car body rotisserie and transmission jack Shop press Rolling jack Shelf for tires Engine hoist and engine stand Service cart
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