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  1. You guys are awesome!!! And Can-Con...your model is darn near exactly like the one I wanna replicate! That looks just like the one running around here!!! Freekin AWESOME!!! Thanks guys!!!
  2. That's kinda what I was thinking...wasn't sure...wonder how much?
  3. Got a question...yes, I've searched all over first...how does one go about shortening AMT's Chevy Fleetside pickup bed and frame? I'd love to replicate one that's running around here...stunning truck! I'm drawing a blank on how to do it...That's been happening alot to me lately! Lol!
  4. Miss Deal copy right, is it really THAT old ?

    Bwahahahaha! I wasn't even in the oven yet!
  5. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    I just hope Revell doesn't disappear, coz in my opinion, they have produced my favorite kits...Who else puts out cars & trucks from the 30's thru the 60's...American cars? Yes, there are others...AMT, & Moebius...probably more, those two popped in my head right now, not a fan of most foreign cars, my display cases are full of Detroit iron! My all time faves are the 41 Willys Gasser kits...49 Merc, 50 Olds, 57 Chevy 150, 55 Bel Aire, the whole series of the 32 Ford's and now the 29/30 Ford kits! Don't wanna forget who did the best drag kits...or a few pro-mods! Does anybody think any foreign company would do a top fuel dragster? I dunno, I think it sucks what happened, people lost their jobs, might lose an awesome kit manufacturer...but I'm just venting, won't know anything till the dust settles...
  6. Patreon channel Willys

    Yep, pretty freekin awesome again Donn!!!
  7. My wife & I remember this seller from quite awhile back...when I was selling slot car bodies on ebay...he started out by practically giving them away...$20 here, maybe $40 for the next one...etc...I applaud him! The most I've gotten for a body is my avatar pic...Revell's pro-mod 55 Chevy...painted & decaled , $275...I say, if ya can do it, go for it! Me...if I had $2600 laying around, I'd be paying some bills! Lol!
  8. I've seen this builder before...does an awesome job...it did take him quite awhile to get his customer base...him and Paul Herrick regularly build fantastic models! Paul has done masters for the Modelhaus...
  9. What do you drive?

    Used to own one of these...1952 Chevy Deluxe...was just like this but a 4 door and no skirts
  10. What do you drive?

    First up...a 2014 Chevy...an 85 Chevy, a bit rusty in spots, had a Forrester just like this one...but it died with almost 500,000 miles on it! Also have an 05 Buick LeSabre
  11. Nothing like a nice slice of pie.

    All of those "pies" above look mighty tasty!!!!!!!!!
  12. Moebius Models Under New Ownership

    They do have some really nice products...the dinosaur kits, and the great white shark kits are freekin Awesome!!!!
  13. Moebius Models Under New Ownership

    Would that be Pegasus...the company that produced the 1/24th scale dinosaur models??
  14. Issue #205

    Got my new issue today!!! Thank you Gregg!!!!!! Awesome issue! The Read bros kicked some serious metal!
  15. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    My 2002 Subaru Forester...had just under 500,000 miles on it...a 1.7 liter 4 cylinder...before it died last year...was so dang fun in the snow!