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  1. Man that's looking cool Paul !!!!
  2. Hey Paul, you got a website or something??? How can I purchase one of your awesome kits??? I've been diggin your build for a long time now...keep the cool stuff rolling!!!
  3. Wow!! Nice paints!!! Guess I'm gonna hafta get me some of those!!!! Laquer based or...???
  4. I'm sure it's super expensive & time consuming to publish a magazine...I for one would hate to see it go, but if it does, this forum still rocks!!
  5. Revell's 41 Willys Gasser kit...I love the body style...and it's a gasser!
  6. Ha...how funny is that?! I had found your first pic on the "net" somewhere and have been staring at it for awhile now!! Man, thank you bigtime for your help! Your photos will go a long way in helping me!!!! Thanks! 😁
  7. Ok, I'm being a dork...does anybody have any photos of how they built a suicide front suspension on a 1930's frame?? I'm working on Revell's '30 model A coupe, & would like to do that on it. Thanks for any help...😁
  8. Sixx

    Future of the hobby

    Sorry...my opinion, there isn't a future for this hobby. Too much corporate garbage going on to line their pockets, they don't care about hobbies...they don't have any...geez, I'm gonna shut up coz I don't wanna be booted outta here
  9. I just hate the fact that Revell USA is gone...they were my favorite manufacturer...almost my entire stash is Revell. I did however snag 3 each of the 29/30 coupe & roadsters...what, everything cool in America disappearing??!!
  10. You guys are awesome!!! And Can-Con...your model is darn near exactly like the one I wanna replicate! That looks just like the one running around here!!! Freekin AWESOME!!! Thanks guys!!!
  11. That's kinda what I was thinking...wasn't sure...wonder how much?
  12. Got a question...yes, I've searched all over first...how does one go about shortening AMT's Chevy Fleetside pickup bed and frame? I'd love to replicate one that's running around here...stunning truck! I'm drawing a blank on how to do it...That's been happening alot to me lately! Lol!
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