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  1. Inspiring work by Juha Airio

    His work is amazing!!! I'v been diggin his models for years!!!
  2. new for 2018

    I hope on the list of reissues...that they bring back the 51 Henry J...I keep missing out on 'em coz I have a buddy who drag races one that I'd like to build a replica of!! And no goofy decals! Henry and his smoking J...please!
  3. What makes you decide to "curb-side" a model?

    For me...getting older is what's making me do curbsides...eyes & fingers don't work as good as before, plus I don't hit the contests anymore...just my model car club...
  4. Comfort Models, Ya Have One?

    I don't have any more photos...but mine has to be Revell's 41 Willy's gasser kits...the newer ones...I've built a ton of em as slot car bodies & several as full builds...
  5. How does your family deal?

    My wife is real cool with it! She takes photos for me to put on forums so I can't have any glitches in them! She also has bought several & built a few herself, heck, she's pretty dang good at doing foil work that I've had her do some for me! She likes cool old cars, but isn't the geek about em as I am! She has her hobbies that I help her with too...homemade natural soaps & lotions. I'm the guinea pig! Lol! We both like to cook, and she's also pretty dang good with a camera! She has gone to several contests with me including Wonderfest in Kentucky...which is a figure, horror, & sci-fy contest & show! I love her...she is AWESOME!!!!
  6. 1/12th scale parts

    Thanks RonG! I did see your build! Freekin awesome man!!! My eyes aren't what they used to be...24th & 25th scale plus my sausage fingers are not getting along too well lately! Might have to go back to box stock or bigger scales!? I have the old Revell? 1/12th 57 Chevy...would like to make it a gasser or something some day...could I steal some of your ideas??? 😆
  7. 1/12th scale parts

    Thanks guys!
  8. 1/12th scale parts

    Just a quick question...hoping you guys can point me in the right direction...where can I get 1/12th scale drag car parts? Looking to one day build my Revell 12th scale 57 Chevy into a gasser. Thanks for any help!!!
  9. Model Cars Magazine, The Future

    I'm not the sharpest tack in the box...but I love having an actual magazine to hold...and I know it costs alot to put it out...that's one reason I've been a subscriber from day one..."Plastic Fanatic"...I'd have no idea how to raise more cash...like above...ads on here? They suck but whatever...I prefer print but will take it anyway I can get it...
  10. Can Bare Metal be cleared??

    The urethane doesn't dull the chrome at all...I can't comment on any other clear because I only use urethane
  11. Can Bare Metal be cleared??

    I shoot a 3 part urethane clear over mine all the time...no problems what so ever!
  12. Holy cow!!!! Absolutely outstanding work!!!
  13. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    Ok...thanks Gregg...woohoo! New paper coming!!!
  14. 1.1 cars that got away

    No photos...I miss my 1952 Chevy Styleline Deluxe...bone stock, straight 6...I only added wide whitewall tires...
  15. Model Cars Magazine Renewals

    Just a thought...how is there a new issue of Slot Cars magazine but no new Model Cars? Is that published by someone else? Can't MCM use the same? I miss my MCM