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  1. I have been e-mailing them...looks like they have nice parts...
  2. Michigan??? Geez, and no parts yet?? I'm in Indiana! Huh, ok, thanks!
  3. Just wondering if anybody knows what state they are in? Are they on the east coast? Did they catch any damage from a hurricane? Wondering coz I placed & paid for an order on Aug. 5th...have heard nothing since. Did the same with Fireball Models...Joseph informed me that it would be two weeks...guess what? Got his parts exactly when he said!!! Thank you Chief Joseph!!!
  4. This is gonna be cool ! My first car was a 70 Maverick...full of bondo, 6 banger, and with air shocks fully extended like a dork!!! Lol!
  5. That's so sad, I was a part of LMMCC for awhile...I knew Tom, he was a really nice guy and a great builder...I just can't believe it...
  6. Hey Paul, you got a website or something??? How can I purchase one of your awesome kits??? I've been diggin your build for a long time now...keep the cool stuff rolling!!!
  7. Wow!! Nice paints!!! Guess I'm gonna hafta get me some of those!!!! Laquer based or...???
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