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  1. That's freekin AWESOME!!!
  2. Freekin AWESOME!!!!
  3. I have been e-mailing them...looks like they have nice parts...
  4. Michigan??? Geez, and no parts yet?? I'm in Indiana! Huh, ok, thanks!
  5. Just wondering if anybody knows what state they are in? Are they on the east coast? Did they catch any damage from a hurricane? Wondering coz I placed & paid for an order on Aug. 5th...have heard nothing since. Did the same with Fireball Models...Joseph informed me that it would be two weeks...guess what? Got his parts exactly when he said!!! Thank you Chief Joseph!!!
  6. This is gonna be cool ! My first car was a 70 Maverick...full of bondo, 6 banger, and with air shocks fully extended like a dork!!! Lol!
  7. That's so sad, I was a part of LMMCC for awhile...I knew Tom, he was a really nice guy and a great builder...I just can't believe it...
  8. Hey Paul, you got a website or something??? How can I purchase one of your awesome kits??? I've been diggin your build for a long time now...keep the cool stuff rolling!!!
  9. Wow!! Nice paints!!! Guess I'm gonna hafta get me some of those!!!! Laquer based or...???
  10. I'm sure it's super expensive & time consuming to publish a magazine...I for one would hate to see it go, but if it does, this forum still rocks!!
  11. Revell's 41 Willys Gasser kit...I love the body style...and it's a gasser!
  12. Ha...how funny is that?! I had found your first pic on the "net" somewhere and have been staring at it for awhile now!! Man, thank you bigtime for your help! Your photos will go a long way in helping me!!!! Thanks! 😁
  13. Ok, I'm being a dork...does anybody have any photos of how they built a suicide front suspension on a 1930's frame?? I'm working on Revell's '30 model A coupe, & would like to do that on it. Thanks for any help...😁
  14. Sorry...my opinion, there isn't a future for this hobby. Too much corporate garbage going on to line their pockets, they don't care about hobbies...they don't have any...geez, I'm gonna shut up coz I don't wanna be booted outta here
  15. I just hate the fact that Revell USA is gone...they were my favorite manufacturer...almost my entire stash is Revell. I did however snag 3 each of the 29/30 coupe & roadsters...what, everything cool in America disappearing??!!
  16. You guys are awesome!!! And Can-Con...your model is darn near exactly like the one I wanna replicate! That looks just like the one running around here!!! Freekin AWESOME!!! Thanks guys!!!
  17. That's kinda what I was thinking...wasn't sure...wonder how much?
  18. Got a question...yes, I've searched all over first...how does one go about shortening AMT's Chevy Fleetside pickup bed and frame? I'd love to replicate one that's running around here...stunning truck! I'm drawing a blank on how to do it...That's been happening alot to me lately! Lol!
  19. I just hope Revell doesn't disappear, coz in my opinion, they have produced my favorite kits...Who else puts out cars & trucks from the 30's thru the 60's...American cars? Yes, there are others...AMT, & Moebius...probably more, those two popped in my head right now, not a fan of most foreign cars, my display cases are full of Detroit iron! My all time faves are the 41 Willys Gasser kits...49 Merc, 50 Olds, 57 Chevy 150, 55 Bel Aire, the whole series of the 32 Ford's and now the 29/30 Ford kits! Don't wanna forget who did the best drag kits...or a few pro-mods! Does anybody think any foreign company would do a top fuel dragster? I dunno, I think it sucks what happened, people lost their jobs, might lose an awesome kit manufacturer...but I'm just venting, won't know anything till the dust settles...
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