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  1. RiderZ

    New Builds!

    66 Nova Pro Street is finished.
  2. Going to call this one finished.
  3. Body is on.Thats all for tonight. Probably finish this one up tomorrow.Suppose to rain all weekend here so model building it is.
  4. More progress on the Nova. Metal flake blue it is,think it turned out ok.
  5. You boys better not get paint all over the table!!! That was mom yelling at my brother and I back in the day.
  6. Thanks for the kind words all! More progress on the Nova,got the front and rear running gear on and detailed. Got the interior pretty much done too.1972coronet has me second guessing the orange body color.I do have metal flake blue that I could use.But man orange would look BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH good.
  7. RiderZ

    Xtreme Lee

    Sweet,nice job. Bo and Luke would be proud.
  8. No work on the Nova tonight,just not feeling it. But I did score with the Post Office today.🙂
  9. More progress tonight after dinner.Interior is going to get one more coat of white. Its terrible Tuesday,Tazzy's tired and I'm tired that's enough on the build for tonight.
  10. Tazzy has a Jeckyl and Hyde disposition.Little mean *@?$ one minute and a gentle giant the next.Hes only a year and a half.Just a pup LOL!!!
  11. Neat little motor.Little more detail after a day to dry. I don't get too wild with engine wiring and such.My aging eyes ain't up for that!
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