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  1. Beautiful,nice job.Love the color. Is that model figure you I’m guessing,see your from China. Your name is throwing me off.?
  2. Further along on the 40'Ford.The can of pearl yellow was a dud.Still had some gloss yellow that fit the bill.Needs more final details and decals to wrap this one up.
  3. RiderZ

    Inca Jewel

    She's a beauty.Love the color,love the interior. Nice work!
  4. I'm liking what I see so far.Did some mass painting.Probably it for the day.
  5. Tazzy chose this one to build next because he likes the color yellow. So yes this one will be painted pearl yellow.
  6. The 62' Pontiac is finished.I'd drive the hell out of it!?
  7. Thanks! Got the body on and the trim painted. Chrome bits will be added next.
  8. Thanks all,more progress.Let everything dry for a couple days before I mount the body.
  9. Finally got some paint for the body.
  10. Love it! Black and white looks so good on this.?
  11. Pontiac 421 Super Duty.Should run well!?
  12. Did some bulk painting on chassis and suspension parts. Got the motor assembled,needs a little bit detail work.Have'nt decided on body and interior colors yet.
  13. Beautiful color.Love the 1:1. Yours should be sweet also.Off to a great start. They told us we will continue be in operation.We machine aluminum castings for medical equipment.They want 200 ventilator housings a week!?
  14. This is a very nice kit.Lots of well detailed parts. The box is rather heavy with all the plastic parts.Holy cow they give you a bunch of tires in this kit.You can build it one of two ways.Street or custom,I am going with the street version. Did I mention the tire choices the give you.?
  15. Still needs a little bit more fine detail work.I like it!
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