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  1. Hey if it really works, then great. But I'll just stick to Easy-Off abd 93 alcohol, easy to get and has not failed me yet, never had a body crumble from either...
  2. You did some nice work on that truck, I think that it would look so much better if the bed were up in the correct postion with the cab.. Well done weathering!!
  3. After 52 years doing this hobby I still don't have the perfect paint job!!!!! And to be honest, I'm not looking for it,
  4. Lost that one race due to a set of hard street tires, wore slicks ever since. Thanks for looking..
  5. Just think of them as trophies....we all like trophies
  6. So cool... I remember riding around in Randal Holt's orange Nova and it was jacked up just like that, had to keep your legs straight or you would slide out of the seat... 1973 was a good time.
  7. If anyone has any MM they want to ditch, just let me know, I;ll take all I can get...
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