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  1. I fell outta my chain when I saw those tiny wheels
  2. Gotta love an altered, very cool build.
  3. Got a little time in on this yesterday, built the engine mounts and installed the floor pan. Today I hope to get the push bar fabbed and installed, and maybe get the solid rear axle mounts built. Thanks for looking..
  4. Not a Porsche fan, but could see taking this thru The Dragon...
  5. Hey Snake, not trying to get technical with it, just having fun.
  6. Looks like he might be using it as a ferry, note the folks in the back seat.
  7. Got started on a new project over the weekend, starting with a well used AMT body and frame, Got the body cleaned up and drilled some "air" holes in the trunk lid, fresh coat of primer, also remove the extra material around the cowl. Tried out a set of wheels and tires that look pretty good to me. Engine will be a blown FE set back about half way thru the body... Stay toon!!
  8. Both are fantastic!! It would be cool if the kit makers would produce stuff like this..
  9. My favorite kind of build, will be watching..
  10. With my luck it would fall out and hit the floor, messing up a perfect paint job
  11. Looking good, like that shade of green..
  12. That is really nice, what paint did you use?
  13. Thanks all, glad you like it, I had a lot of fun weathering this one.
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