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  1. I have plans to try and duplicate this build as soon as I can get another kit. Thanks for the comments and interest.
  2. Sorry Rusty, this one went to the crusher.....
  3. Well it has a really nice barn find look to it. Will be watching
  4. Nice to see what they look like before we get our grubby hot rod hands on them
  5. Thanks Carl, looking forward to some nice weather so I can get it photographed, maybe next week?? In the mean time I have started another 32, it will be my first attempt at a chop,, I figure if its a success then I can say I'm a hot rod builder
  6. I agree, nice job. LIKE YOUR RUST!!
  7. Thanks Kit, I completly agree, Thanks Joel, James.
  8. Well Ray, at least yours is together!! Well done. Mine is still in the box it came in from 1999, may never get finished..
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