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  1. Paint look awesome, right now pens are the way to go, what with the junk BMF thats out there.
  2. * This one really caught my attention, look at the front springs, just doesn't seem possible that they could be doing anything except holding the axle to the frame..crazy man!! Then theres the rear shackle!!!!!
  3. gaskets on this page,* https://www.paascheairbrush.com/airbrush/airbrush-sprayer-parts/other-parts?page=1* and they are not cheap...* L/Gasket means LESS gasket!!
  4. Well, I have found the wheels and tires for this build, rears are slots from Tony Nancy dragster with Revell pie crust slicks, fronts are spokes from AMT Double Dragster.*
  5. That is bad adz, what are the wheels from?
  6. That looks good, the cage looks green on my screen..
  7. Paint lookin good, don't forget to stick some salt on it when done..
  8. I just noticed, they changed the front tires in this release, they use to have narrow ones that matched the rears...
  9. That might work, depends on how low your going, have you checked the tread width with the fenders? Looks quite wide...
  10. Coming soon...................................................still searching for parts
  11. One thing to look for is the front ride height, it is really up there, I'm working on the phaeton and will most likely use the Revell axle.
  12. I guess I'm a "de-collector" seeing how I just got rid of 30 years worth of kits and related stuff. I now only have a handful of kits .Which I will build
  13. Been using this one for nearly 30 years, coat hangar wire in a rubber sanding block..
  14. Just got this bad boy, should take care of any humidity thats in the paint room..*
  15. Looks good, I know that this Thursday the humidity is suppose to be real low, great time for painting...I hope!
  16. Got a oicture of the one you need, I have all sorts but don't know them by name.
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