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  1. Ajski added a post in a topic Replicating Snow????   

    I used Woodland Scenics snow for this dio. Used with their snow adhesive. Got them at Hobby Lobby.Used white floor tile cement to build up pile then added the W. S. snow on top. This was my first ever dio. The snow was very easy to work with.

  2. Ajski added a post in a topic Flat Tire Look   

    I used a heat gun to warm the rear tire and slowly pushed down. Dipped it in cool water and instant flat tire.

    The front tire was shaved to simulate a locked tire rubbing the asphalt.

  3. Ajski added a post in a topic How Do You Store Your Tools?...?...?...?   

    Here is how I store my tools. I made this out of plywood and 1 by's. I also use a tackle box and portable toolbox.

    Gathering and having the right tools is almost as fun as building!

  4. Ajski added a topic in Under Glass   

    1966 Chevelle with X-mas tree
    Happy Holidays all.

    This is a Revell California wheels '66 Chevelle wagon. Strapped an X-mas tree on top for a dio I am doing.

    First attempt at rusting a vehicle.

    Thanks for looking........

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  5. Ajski added a post in a topic Real or Model #104 FINISHED!   

    Definitely a model. The blackout around the windshield looks to wide and the struts for the side mirrors are to long for a 1:1 599.

  6. Ajski added a post in a topic painting whitewalls on tires??   

    Here is what I do for whitewalls. You will need a circle template with various sizes on it and a white Sharpie marking pen. Find the size you want and place that circle on the tire and fill in whitewall with the white Sharpie. The Sharpie dries a bit flat similar to whiteout and looks fairly good I thought. No sprays and little mess!

    Here they are on a Gremlin:

  7. Ajski added a post in a topic Bird of a Yellow Feather   

    I am very interested in your progress. I have the same kit I wish to do some day and I am open for ideas.
    Looks real good so far. Keep the pics coming!

  8. Ajski added a post in a topic Real Or Model #12 Finished!   

    New guy to the forum. I say real!