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  1. Beautiful build. Very nice detail and paint work.
  2. That is a great looking hotrod! From the motor to the wheels to the color, it has that mean look to it. The stance is perfect. Very nicely done! Always like seeing your builds. I learn something every time.
  3. Beautiful rig! I didn’t think this kit could look this good! Great color choices. I have one of these I started quite a while ago. (years!) Maybe time to get it out? Anyway, very nice!
  4. This is awesome! Interior, paint, the weathering all look great. One thing for me that stands out is the hub caps! I love the hub caps! Great job all around.
  5. Welcome back to the hobby Jarrod. Been building most of my life, now just turned 50 and still love it. Very nice build you have going so far. I really like the chassis mods you’ve done especially the frame sweep. Nice! Mock up looks perfect!
  6. Haven’t seen this one in a while! Glad to see you back on it. Hope everything is ok with you and your family. That ride looks cool! Really like those wheels and color choice. My vote would be red on the trim. Nice job Roger.
  7. Another great start to another great build Dennis! Engine mock up looks perfect. Fits like a glove.
  8. Wow! This rig looks fantastic! Very nice paint and all of your details. Really like how you started with a pic of a 1:1 and created that exact truck to a T! Great job! Love the tire chains!
  9. Ahhh, sorry about that. Didn’t realize the date! Lol!
  10. Very nicely done! Looks perfect! Your attention to detail is spot on!
  11. Looking sharp! I love these little cars!
  12. Paul, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kit being built so nicely and clean as you are doing here! I really like what you have done. Paint looks fantastic, and I really like the way you’re building that engine. Nice job, keep it up!
  13. I have a complete unbuilt Flathead from the Revell 48 Ford I would be very willing to trade you for that Ardun Flathead if interested.
  14. Nice looking build Dan! Welcome aboard!
  15. Welcome Kelly. If you are looking to improve your building skills, you’re in the right place. Lots of very helpful, talented builders here.
  16. Still looking if anyone would have one.
  17. Hi Alex, here’s a pic of the tires and then mounted on the wheel backs on the chassis. Hope this helps. I would’ve had the Fireball rims mounted in there as well but I don’t have the parts separated yet from receiving them.
  18. No problem. I appreciate you taking a look. Looks like I’m gonna add another parts kit to the stash!
  19. Very nice build! I just noticed something I’ve never seen before! You turned the door panels around to get the flat stock car interior look! Well done!
  20. I would be very pleased if you do sir! Thank you for taking a look.
  21. I take the same approach from time to time! Lol!
  22. Beautifully done so far! Absolutely fantastic attention to detail! Nice job.
  23. Very cool looking build Jim! I really like straight six and gasser look! You are a talented fella! Fab work looks great! Nice job so far.
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