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  1. I wanted to keep the drive on both units to the back but I can raise the drives up some and back to tighten the tracks. Cut off the wheel dowel pins and install the drive wheels on evergreen rod. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I have a long way to go, I have hangers to hold up lines. The hard part was getting the tracks on the rear unit rejoined as they were trimmed down to fit the cut-down body. This build is still pretty much in the trial and error stage..😀
  3. Added another kit into the mix, an M1 A1 Abrams tank by Academy in 1:35th to be converted into my rear power . After much cutting and many test fits this is pretty close to where its going. The tracks are a loose fit as they needed to be shortened and are just on for the mock up. Now I have many tank parts left over if anyone is needing.
  4. In the early 90's I worked as a driver for an electrical contractor for the power company, they had a few Husky 8's and some bigger tracked vehicles to bring in float flat beds on those wooden crane mats.
  5. Nice fab work on everything you've done so far. Should be a beauty.
  6. This idea uses 3 kits. The base is a 1:32 amphibious tank. The body needed to be spun so the taper is in the back along with the drive cogs. Then fill in the big void left over from the turret. Built a tail roller and added tread plate over the repair. I found the easiest part ( and it was all luck) when I cut the cab so it would mount up, it fit exactly like I needed it , interior and all associated parts too. Started mounting the Peerless logging equipment on board today, and so far no glitches.🤞😃
  7. Only slight progress on this old White, the bed is close to being done just need to make some sort of sides and bulk head. Interior just needs final sanding to smooth it out then add some door detail. I also need a double seat for the passenger side.
  8. Polar lights Batman and Robin plus “Batcycle and go kart” . Had some fit issues with the cycle coverings fitting correctly , but once that was resolved the rest was just the paint and detailing .
  9. With just a little white paint work left on the main frame covering and a light mist of clear on the other pieces this ones almost done.
  10. Robin and his kart are done, I dont understand why the windscreen .....but thats me. 🙃 On with the cycles 2 tone black and white paint , fit issues on the front and side fairings have slight problems that need to be repaired before final paint.
  11. 👍 The work done was spray all things black in semi-gloss, then hand paint everything else.
  12. Started this PolarLights Batman Bat bike with Robin and go-kart last week, getting all the seams cleaned and lined up took some time. Now the fun starts, spray the bike and side car black and white, and hand paint the figures. Good thing the scale is on the 1:24 side.
  13. MPC must have done this kit during the Zingers craze with this 2 'n 1 stock and wild drag kit. This 1905 Rolls Royce is called Rolls Runner and licensed by Airfix. The drivers are better than the drivers in the old Gowland kits. This one is an odd one for sure, built using only kit parts. Body had warp making it hard to mate the left and right body and get rid of the body seam.
  14. Got this old White up on the tires . The cab needs to come down a little which is no problem. The interior is where I spent the most time but now I can do the final sanding and refit into the cab. I also noticed the windshield may need to be mounted from the outside which means making some window trim. The bed will be a farm style stake bed.
  15. Giant Tarantula crushes power station , not much to say about it but it was fun detailing it out. Had it about 20 years and decided to give it a whirl. Mounted the back drop on plastic sheets. It measures out at 9.5x6x6.
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