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  1. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic Monogram TD Son Of Ford   

    Pretty sharp batch...
  2. BIGTRUCK added a topic in NASCAR   

    66 Chevy modified stocker
    Bought this one at a show a few years ago [good thing it was cheap], someone started cutting the chassis and interior apart and added a new floor.The rear springs and shocks were missing and so were wheels and tires,found what I needed in parts box. I boxed in the rear frame for fuel cell ..

    you can see how much was cut out, the bottom chassis and interior tub is how it looked before, now the interior tub is not being used except for the front area behind the firewall for dashboard location.

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  3. BIGTRUCK added a topic in Under Glass   

    '25 "T" Bucket
    Last of the unfinished builds. I can now start with a clean work area....for now.

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  4. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic TEST   

    Yes  I made it, did'nt stay  long as it was hot in that building..
  5. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic IT'S TIME   

    Enjoy life to do whatever you want to do....
  6. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic TEST   

    Click on the picture[thumbnail] Nick , then right click the big image and select copy image, come back to forum and right click and paste where your typing, the photo should then appear.
  7. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic '25 "T" Bucket   

    Painted Burnt orange darkened up by shooting over black primer.Add clear coat and a few more interior parts ..barrel tank and glass , should be done.
  8. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic It's been awhile since my last update on the Ford GPW....   

    I can almost hear it run Art
  9. BIGTRUCK added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '25 "T" Bucket
    This was the 2nd kit from the original 1925 Ford The first kit I did the old 007 car, the left over parts options were for a pick up or a "T" Bucket, I opted for the "T" Bucket. The only non kit parts I used so far were the rear slicks, they are from AMT Racemaster slick pack...also lowered the windshield frame so I can use a smaller windshield . Interior is a Butternut yellow and burnt orange . I'm not sure on the body color yet.Touch up chrome with Molotow liquid chrome

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  10. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Few items from local swaps today

  11. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic Early days for 007   

  12. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic Early days for 007   

    Since everything about this car is fictitious , color choice and adding bumpers on a1925 Ford did'nt matter. The front bumpers are split and rotate for ram mode, the roof opening was made smaller so now the hinge stays on and holds the hatch open, driver side front hubcap is left off for James Bond tire shredder to come out and rear spare still rotates out of the way for rear gun...all at a whopping 35 mph Paint is dark silver with light maroon wheels, interior is dark tan, ejector seat spring is made out of a piece coiled wire.

  13. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    The 2 tone Pontiac I bought from Okey, he only had two of them and yes  $30 was the price,.... The AMX is a USA oldies minus the engine but with an opening hood , engine plug molded into frame.and came with red wall tires, I bought it from another vendor for $33.
  14. BIGTRUCK added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Early days for 007
    Started with a 1925 Ford, added white walls heavy duty wheels and bigger head lights. Cut out the roof top and added another roof over that so it can open for the passenger side ejector seat. Rear spare tire swivels up and left to clear rear mounted machine gun. We'll see what happens as it goes along

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  15. BIGTRUCK added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Brought a few items back from NNL Nationals yesterday, the first one was a Union kit of a Alpine A210 in 1/24th. I just thought the body style looked great. The other 2 are Johan AMX and a 2 tone Pontiac