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  1. AMT 1932 Ford

    Just used Tamiya acrylic flat white right from the bottle, if it doesnt coat right the first time , let it dry all the way before a second coat.
  2. What did you get today?

    I drove there with Dean, Nick. I wont be at Cedarville (maybe) but Im going to Countryside the 18th .
  3. AMT 1932 Ford

    Got this one done but had to make a new interior because the kit interior really didnt have any detail at all , all I used was the seat. Door panels made from Evergreen plastic and P/E handles.Glass was made from clear .007. Rear tires are from the AMT slicks set.Front tires are kit tires painted with Tamiya acrylic flat white. Dropped body and radiator shell down lower, parts box Showrod front axle. Rest of the kit was built right from the box.
  4. What did you get today?

    I was at Dupage also,got a few items but the MPC Californian was something I have been looking for . Its unbuilt except the lights on the side of roof were installed, and it went for a good deal.
  5. What did you get today?

    How many Cobras and Cobra related items do you have Ray if I may ask?
  6. 1967 Corvair Monza

    Last update and it will be done. Need to add vent windows , bumpers and finish up the 2 mufflers and pipes
  7. 1967 Corvair Monza

    Small update , interior done..
  8. 12 years ago??That's crazy

    Yes this place has been around for awhile, I signed up May of 2006, I think the board was only a few months old when I got here.
  9. 1967 Corvair Monza

    This was an original but partial build kit when I got it. It was painted red and the original builder used fuzzy fur on the seats and floor. He used the seat delete cover on the rear and fuzzied it up also.The body came out perfectly clean with only light residue on the rockers and interior side of the roof. The interior had glue marks so I had to make a new rear seat delete cover and floor with console, original builder used a heavy hand on the glue tube to make that material stick . Making some longer tail lights ,I did not like the custom ones and the stock ones had glue marks.the rest of the kit was unbuilt so no glue spots. I have some nice looking wheel/tire combo Ive been trying to use on something and they are just the perfect size for this car.
  10. 63 Tempest AWB..DONE 1/28/18

    Got this one buttoned up tonight
  11. 63 Tempest AWB..DONE 1/28/18

    With the chassis almost done I another test fit with tires on, also went with a set of narrower slicks. Hole punched 4 light blue head lights same color as glass will be. Interior is half done, engine is just started, I need to get the engine done before I finish the front axle to make sure the headers have enough clearance
  12. What did you get today?

    Traveled a little north to Milwaukee and picked up a few items
  13. 63 Tempest AWB..DONE 1/28/18

    While paint cures on the body I'll get the chassis , engine and interior done.
  14. I had a body with the roof cut off and a chassis some custom parts that fit [front and rear chrome from original 63 Tempest AMT kit] I grafted a 69 Firebird roof on and traded with vintagedragcrazy for some various other AWB parts. I got the body where I need it to be , the dash is made from a shortened Nascar dash and I need to make a top for it ,parts box roll bar Engine is what would have came with the kit.