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  1. Nicely done. That's some top notch weathering. Rust looks awesome. What did you use for the rust effect ?
  2. Flintstone resin Cord pickup body, and one Cord donor kit from Lindberg. Had to cut the chassis in half to extend the it 1.5 inches . Used alot of strips ,channel and sheet plastic getting it to fit and thin wall the lower edge of the body. This is where Im at now. I am using the Cord engine , wheels and tires, seats, dash rear springs, front axle and firewall. The dash and motor are chrome so that need to come off. Just searching for a direction on this one , until then its a slow roll building this.
  3. Those ICM kits are really nice, I got the 1914 model T fire truck 1:24 , I’ve had it awhile , don’t remember if it had plated parts or not or white tires. Now I have to look.😊
  4. Thats one cool build, it shows in every way the effort you put into that Marmon.
  5. A few paint jobs later and I can call it done. 1962 Corvette skirts, re done front seat, scratch bed cover and visor, Cadillac red tail lenses , parts box spotlights and bedrails , 3 airhorns under the hood,lowered stance a little by raising the springs. Mostly built with kit parts.
  6. Me Too😉do overs are starting to be a trend with me of late.
  7. Thank you for the comment and Novus polish tip. Im as far as I can go at this point to make sure that purple paint has set up. Got the rear cover , seat and most on the chassis done today.
  8. Ok ....I have this back in color again, sticking with one color and using the same brand primer , paint and clear. Try the clear again this week.
  9. I must be the only person who cannot see said build😎🧐🤓
  10. At the top once your in the General section it has page numbers, on mine I touch the highest number and it should be the oldest post, hit previous to go to next page of old posts.
  11. I’ve been on this board since May of 2006 . I went back just to read what we all posted back then and found some great posts to read. Gregg was more active on the board 12 years ago, Jairus art work, Harry P arrives “How do you post photos” “What are Donks” opinions on RatRods were hot topics. Early on the “General” topic area carried discussions now found under their own Banner. There are so many great builds and “how to” threads to check out. A lot of good reading to be found just in the General section starting with the first post.
  12. Ok, I have it back in fresh primer after the disaster with the clear, and I made a few additions. Added new front top fender strips, lower rear bumperetts with plate.
  13. Why is it when I get the paint where Im happy with it, I let it sit for 5 days, hit it with Krylon acrylic clear and after 1 day it krinkled up on just the blue, white is fine. The blue and white are both lacquer. Well I have a little more clean up before re prime and re paint, or dull coat it and leave it🤔😃
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