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  1. Thanks Alan, Tom planted the idea when I saw his awhile back and your builds gave me the extra push I was wanting to do sooner or later. Progress: The hood is coming out better than expected considering the shape it was in, still a little way to go. Also, I started on some sort of a grille and grooved the tires...Its not a build anymore its a quest.😁
  2. No, the back area was in pretty bad shape so out came the saw😁
  3. Got this cab in a trade with some other stuff and gathered up enough items to make an attempt at something.. The roof was cut off and the body had some grooves, so after getting that cleaned up I found a decent AMT 53 Ford pickup chassis.and various interior parts. Got a resin hood and then found a front bumper/grille assy. in a friends stash. The bed was cut off so I needed something to fill that void. Since I started an old 60s Valiant track car, I could make this a ramp truck. This should keep a person busy for awhile😁
  4. Man thats nice..if I was a little brass man I know what I would want.. Great work.
  5. I noticed there are a few older Valiants being done this way and Im all for giving a discarded build another chance. This kit had a good chassis and interior but the body was customized so poorly this was its only hope. Once I had the body smoothed out (filled in door and trunk lines)and cut open the hood I matched up a AMT Monte Carlo Nascar kit and started cutting apart the chassis. Piecing it together bits at a time is allowing me to use alot of that kit. Next step repair whats left of the hood and groove the tires or buy resin tires . Also doing a 60 Ford hauler for it that was also a basket case😁
  6. Wife actually asked if I could put this one on a shelf in our kitchen because the color matches items in the kitchen. First time in 42 years of marriage she noticed something I built.
  7. I would like to grab another version of this kit. This is the one I like , it was built by Dean Milano .
  8. https://www.culturehustleusa.com/products/mirror This is the place..... I was hoping someone had tried this chrome before picking some up
  9. Thanks,, I will get another one too ,I saw one done up as an american burger truck. I completed this one and its in the Under-glass section now.
  10. Even tho' this kit is 1:24 it builds like a highly detailed 1:32, its small. My only complaint would be using the flags hanging down in front of the vending glass , I wish I would have left the longer flag off as you cant view the inside. When I was done working on it for the night I would put some decals on so they were set up enough to handle the next time. Everything fit perfect, All the side glass had very small edges to mount but not horrible. This kit does not have any chrome, so if you dont mind painting everything this is the kit.
  11. Still have decals to put on, interior done, food prep aerea 90% done, most of the add ons are done just need to install. Next big step there are a bunch og flags to paint up and byes that means more decals😁
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