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  1. Got this one done . The Chicago Fire Dept decals I bought seem a little weak in brightness and would work best on very light or white colored builds , but for what I paid they are fine. The roof install wasn't really bad at all, some sanding and adding of new gutters. Interior mods were fairly easy as there is ample room for changes .I do like the Revell engine bay on this kit as well as the interior details. The kits decal sheet is also a big plus . The emergency lights, siren and spot lights and unit #36 are parts box, as well as all the ambulance items inside. I have another Revell 66 kit , maybe a Civil Defense vehicle🤔. (This is a phantom build of a 66 Chevy Suburban Chicago FD ambulance.)
  2. I never thought much about figures ,although a driver would have been nice, the white outfit would stand out for sure. Plus there is plenty of room. The resin place I bought the roof from does cast people for the gurney.
  3. On ebay. Seller has many choices, I will be trying them out soon. I know they do not have any white backgrounds its all on clear paper.
  4. 🤞. On the decals too, never used any from this seller, they look great.
  5. Body color I decided on Chicago Fire Dept. I bought some decals for Chicago Fire, not period correct but either is a 66 Chevy Suburban. Its about 70% done and the only thing left to go wrong would be all that glass, and that should be good🤞.
  6. Thanks Khils and TarheelRick, holler if you need anything. 2 Fast shippers here.
  7. Hi Phil, I have the Monte complete not sealed, and a terrific set of rallye wheels for it. I thought I had the Torino but cant find it. I also have a resin hood for a 66 cuda , they fit nice but its about 1/8th to long.

    Jaguar XKE

    Yes sir can do.

    Jaguar XKE

    Monograms Exotic Car Series from 1989 molded in silver , black and clear. Great chrome. Looking to trade for Lindberg Triumph GT multi pc body kit OR AMT 34 Ford coupe OR AMT 40 Ford sedan OR Moebius Hudson , dont matter which one. OR ???????????
  10. With the gurney completed, I started painting the rest of the business area . Alot if detail painting left to go and need to foil the floor strips. I really like the seat pattern and the seat /dash decals Revell put in this kit and I added that seat pattern to the rear jump seat. This kit has mega possibilities for other builds.
  11. Still stuck on doing 60s looking builds, except for the tires/wheels mostly everything else was original kit . I settled on white trimmed in grey for the interior. Parts box decals. Simple built bed rails and visor.
  12. Few years ago on this J/F resin item, I used parts box and a Lindberg Cord as a donor ..
  13. Never would know its a junk box build. Bravo... nice work Tom.
  14. Thanks, and good luck on yours Izzy it does make a nice shelf piece.
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