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  1. Ok...back to work on this van. I tried various ways to make the sun roof open and close. Problem was getting it to pop up into its space when closed. Tried bent shims for the roof to ride on but after a few tries the shims got weak and failed. I used epoxy to mount interior roof rails for the roof and tried other shim materials but Im over it now....๐Ÿ˜ So I will just have to live with it sliding open and almost close. Im moving on to get it done .
  2. I have one of them, but you can look in my Fotki under the " Stockcars mix " folder.
  3. If one was ever going to get completed, you would be that person to do that Bill ๐Ÿ˜
  4. Has anyone ever attempted one and it worked? I found an article in an old model mag and thought about giving it a whirl. Its a 6 page article with pictures.
  5. That's how I do resin body/ chassis mounting. Ya I figured you would be.....since its your stuff๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I got this Revell van partly started in a trade with one of our board members. It had decent paint on it but I wanted a brighter color. The circle side windows and small rear roof opening were cut open so I opened the sun roof area too. The tire/wheel combo is from an MRC Firestone/Crager set. The body walls are curved so when you fit test the chassis it will not stay where you want it, so I installed a few chassis stops on both sides cured that.
  7. R.F. was pretty good, I always loved this stuff when I was growing up. Another show on Prime is Mad fabricators society and Go-Kustom television.
  8. Built from a scrap Paddywagon and some extra parts. This showrod kit can be found pretty easy and pretty cheap and you can build just about anything you can think of out of it. Part box front tires are wider and low profile. All the fenders were raised higher. All gold/chrome was removed. Paint was Tamiya....Humbrol and the wood tones are Vallejo wood colors and washes. Decals are from the Surrey version of Hogans Hero jeep.
  9. Whats not to like, its a gasser. Great start ,looks the part.
  10. Pretty much 90% done. Still need to paint and mount the fenders and a few other items. My daughter does crafts and made me some fringe for around the roof. This is the 3rd roof color , 1st pink, 2nd pearl white but black just worked the best. Im using the surrey decals from the Hogans Hero jeep, also made up a sign that will mount on the roof. Plan to paint the fenders white.
  11. The pink paint and wood tones are done. Still looking for fringe in the right color for the roof edges. Engine was pretty basic so no big project there.
  12. Color choice will be pink and white. Not ready to paint yet but pretty close. For the rear floor insert , Im gonna try a light wood tone brushed on in a few shades and clear coated. Added parts box front fender brackets and pieces of curved sprue to hang the rear fenders on.
  13. I liked Toms seating so much I just had to build an insert , but added a pole in the center.(Thank you for the ideaTom) The grille was had the word "1912 FUZZ" molded in so I sanded it off but had to make a screen to cover and give it back some detail , also split the back of the front bench seat in the cab.
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