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  1. That an impressive frame.
  2. Anything model related is in my Fotki, link on my "sig line" .
  3. I got some color on this week and not looking forward to all the chrome ,but I got this far whats a little more anguish..😀. Body color is Tamiya Maroon and the interior is dark tan and not sure on the accent color but tested the waters with a cream color. The body has more time to cure before the clear and chrome foil so the engine , chassis and interior are up next. The dashboard is a modified 49 Mercury dash.
  4. I wanted a roof visor and the closest one came off the Moebius Hudson, and I had to narrow that some to get it to fit. Made a rear bumper bracket to accept the 49 Mercury rear bumper, it has the bumper guards I wanted. Drilled 2 holes and plated them for twin antennas. Its slow going and resin is not forgiving if you make a mistake.😁
  5. I got this right from Dean Milano to post here, he couldn’t sign in to post himself. For some reason, it won't let me sign in to the page. You can post this if you like, and tell them if came from me: The only test shot I remember us running at Revell was the '62 Chrysler Newport, which looked good- except for the problems with the tires and the missing clear tree. We came close to reissuing it as an SSP and I'm not sure why we didn't. Probably a matter of having to invest in new parts for a kit that might not be a big seller. But from what I remember, that was the only tool that was considered. I don't know what shape the others were in or if they still existed. And the '62 Dart of course became the Revellion, which was already mentioned here.
  6. Tom I know what you mean, I missed out on two other ones when I went back, but I do have a nice old late 40s Plymouth out of the bin.
  7. Finding hubcaps that looked right was actually the hard part once I figured out tires. But your right , big w/w work with those big fenders.
  8. Trying to get the stance on this boat to look right is an entire new set of problems. I got the spindles where I want them and have 2 tire choices . Left tire is from the Monogram 55 Chevy bel air convertible. Set #2 on the right from the Revell 48 Ford custom are slightly taller and have a wider whitewall. The rear is only set where I liked it to be .To accomplish that I need to cut into the frame , build some pockets on the topside for the leaf springs to snuggle into. The front part of the spring will be under the rear seat, the rear part of the spring will be in the trunk. I came close to cutting the front bumper out and using the custom ones from the 48 Ford, but I like those bumper guards on the Lincoln.
  9. Stopped in at another swap meet today and picked these up.
  10. I think I got this bodies left fender, grille and hood to where its workable. There are some pinholes in the drivers side drip rail left to repair and address the front of the hood corners where it meets the bumper/grille , the corners need to be more squared . Firewall and inner fenders are as good as its gonna get. I have the chassis trimmed to fit so Im going to take a break from the body and move onto an easier tasks for awhile.😃
  11. Motor City NNL is also a really good show, many vendors too.
  12. I like those older Eldon show rods myself. That one looks pretty mint. The only one I have from that series is Bob Reisners "The Bathtub".
  13. More resin.....1959 Olds 2 door... I found some good chrome a chassis plus the glass at Toledo in a zip lock really cheap and bought the body / interior on line.
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