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  1. Alot of painting to do when you remove most of the bright items but it allows you to change the look . Decided to go with some 50's colors. I painted a checerboard style floor in aqua and white, used pinks and deep reds. I actually had 2 new front mags in the parts box and changed up the front tires too. Made a simple shower head to replace the lost one. Being semi-retired lets you get alot done.
  2. I bought this showrod for usable parts a few years back for $2 at a swap meet. Being a fragile show rod you dont plan on parts just falling off smoothly , they usually break . This one came apart pretty good even tho' you can see the glue build up everywhere. The only casualty was the floor rails up front [the pan for the sink cracked off] and I was missing (1) sconce tail light for the tub and showerhead. Much of the gold plated items had the same glue marks , so off with the plating. I realized this can be saved and I needed something to do while waiting for clear to setup on another build. So its now cleaned up and in primer and it wont be a boxart style build, just letting it flow as I go.
  3. Assembled and painted the resin gurney , that was a slow process waiting each time for the epoxy to set, and that completes the interior. Now to polish up the body and start my least favorite part of modeling, the tedious job of bare metal foiling. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. Got a few coats of color on it over the weekend. Had to do the roof twice. For some reason even with sanding and scrubbing and some soaking, the white reacted for some reason but repeated the process and it worked out. Interior about 70% done, but hopefully get the interior buttoned up before the weekend.
  5. Very classy looking, I 'm a fan of Gofer decals myself and the American Satco WW look perfect on it.
  6. Yes thats the one, check in my Fotki link for something that catches your eye or if you already know what you would need for it. Link is by the sig line at the post bottom.. The open one would be fine if you do decide, thank you, Ken
  7. It can be new, opened or built , I dont need any other 49 Mercury , only the ๐Ÿ‘‰Revell Woody wagon๐Ÿ‘ˆ . Let me know what you have , I dont know what you need so you will have to tell me.๐Ÿ˜ Thanks all
  8. Focus has been on the interior , dash is done and interior fitted with a few parts box items and cut out the modern control box off the tunnel and filled it in. Medical box ( old tool box ) fire bottle , radio, small front/rear divider and a few arm rests all pinned in. The gurney I borrowed from the original issue Johan Ambulace just for fit location, I found a the resin one I was looking for on the Etsy site , its a multi piece item done really well . Also put in a siren base and moved the side mirror to the fender. Red and white paint for the body and carry through the interior.( Pictures of gurney are the sellers not mine.)
  9. Very clean work. That era of Mercury is always pure good.
  10. Most of the work Ive completed has been getting most things to fit inside the body. The interior tub was not letting the chassis set right. Sanded all I could on the body inside and sanded the tub too , now the ride heighth is ok. The dash needed a radio removed off the top.Front glass fits pretty good now with interior tub in, but still have to finesse the curved rear corner glass to fit with the tub in. Dry fit all other parts and they all seem good. Rear fins and 8 resin roof corner lights are epoxied in. Need to find a resin gurney, I know Ive seen them on resin parts section on Ebay.
  11. Cleaned up alot on front ,rear and driverside. Front chrome almost fits perfect and rear chrome was alot of work opening holes for the tabs on the bumper to fit. There are tabs behind the tailights that need to fit in perfect or when you put the fins on, those pins wont align.
  12. JFlintstone resin 59 Cadillac , using the Polar Lights snap as a donor . Because of the size of the vehicle and the amount of windows , alot of time will be spent on cleanup and fit . So far nothing major on fit issues, but looking at alot of chrome foiling. Included with the body was the 3 rear windows (2 sets).and front and rear roof corner lights.
  13. Snuck one last built in .It was started a few times and was put back in the box and almost happened again this time but I held my ground. The nose just fought me all the way.., it wanted to stray off cocked one way or another. I added new pins twice , this is where its staying, I know its old tooling so I let all issues of body fit fade into darkness and got it done. Skinny old school slicks were added and removed all chrome except front rims. Amber glass replaced clear glass except windshield. Decals were Gofer and paint is Tamiya racing white TS 7. Interior was nothing fancy just kit parts.
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