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  1. What your doing gives that '40 a little something extra...looking good.
  2. I needed a cab back wall and on the kit the pleated area faced rear, so I cut out a window and flipped the wall so the pleats are in the cab. Cut out the front axle pins and drilled new holes raising them some to drop the front lower. Added a floor in back from a Ford pickup. Not sure what to do with the bed.... stake body maybe, not sure.
  3. This will be the 3rd Monogram PaddyWagon I've done a little different. The first one I did NYPD style ,the second was a courtesy vehicle so since I had another builder to do I decided on something with an open bed. Another figure it out as I go project. First was to cut away the back area. All the gold plating came off in really good shape so I may not have to remove any.
  4. Body: MPC Outcast and Firetruck Chassis: Revell 27 street rod, front and rear suspension are MPC Outcast. Engine: 62 Vette and Firetruck Trailer: Revell "T" bucket roadster Hose reel: Resin from 3 inches under Decals: Monogram Paddywagon and parts box. Tools: HobbyGear Everything else is from parts box. Candy red and black Tamiya paint. This was another save from a few looked over scrap kits . Front end is pretty fragile but still steers.
  5. A little color and a few fire fighting tools and its shaping up some. My hose reel for the trailer came in from " 3 inches under "
  6. MPC Fire Truck or MPC Outcast have that steerable axle with discs.
  7. An early mock up and in primer. I also found 2 better body sides that were new so things went along a little faster. I may also make some running boards to sit on those huge pipes.
  8. I have enough stuff to build some type of showrod left over from some beaters so I decided on a Chicago Fire Dept showrod with a trailer. The chassis is a revell ,the front and rear are an AMT mix. Trailer is Monogram, twin blower set up from the 62 Vette that came with it once, scoops are Paddy Wagon, the rest is MPC Outcast. Extra goodies (ladders ,tools etc.) are parts box , rear tires are parts box also.
  9. This is probably the first time I've seen someone build this kit, they have a bunch of different kits with heads,helmets,hard hats and crowns. I love show rod builds..
  10. J/F resin body mounted on a modified Monogram Street rod chassis. Engine is from that same kit. Interior is scratched out from evergreen plastic .Seats and deck tank are from the Surf Woody. Front lights are Lindberg roadster pieces, lenses are clear epoxy. Rear lights are red faux jewels from HobbyLobby encased in epoxy. Chrome is all Molotow. Front tires and hubcaps are parts box. Rears end ,tires and wheels came off a glue bomb. EZ clean up and a fun build.
  11. I never saw or heard of this kit until I got it in trade, Im curious if it was done once or changed and kitted as something else.
  12. Body is as smooth as it will ever be so on with the color , metallic red over gold. Added a deck tank . Interior is a scratched item work in progress and will be done in black and white. The engine is ready for paint except the headers need work yet. Big back tires and wheels are the final choice as are the fronts. Custom front hubcaps are old items found in my parts box touched up with Molotow chrome.
  13. Got the chassis about 80% done, the tire and wheel combo changed ( again ) started building the interior and its such a small area it will kind of resemble a dune buggy interior.
  14. Nicely done, I know that build ate up some chrome foil and a few nerves but it made the kit look super.
  15. Got this JimmyFlintstone resin "Wild Bills Outlaw Coupe" in 1/25th. Says to use AMT 1925 kit but Im using the Revell 1/24th Ford "T" street rod with trailer since I have it as a parts car. The kit came apart pretty easy for being a fragile Tbucket, and I removed all the chrome plating. The interior does not even come close to fitting so that will need to be made. The rear body on this resin piece seems to have started as a 50 Ford pickup hood. I have the body cleaned up and chassis rear cut to fit but dont really have a plan , just plan as I go.
  16. Another multi kit trade with fordf-100, always a fun trade.
  17. Thanks to your heads up on the kits with the chassis parts I could use if needed, and it was a time saver.
  18. Pretty much agree about the flames or anything else added would maybe take away from the UPS theme.
  19. I do have FedEx decals😄
  20. Thanks for your kind words and for following along. Ken
  21. I didnt want to do another PaddyWagon so with different paint and decals its now a UPS Delivery . All chrome was removed for clean up and painted gold ,any chrome on here is Molotow chrome. 80% of parts are original, the rest are parts box. Decals are from Gopher. Paint is brown metalflake. The original builder used alot of glue when they put this together which caused warping roof and on the back doors, I thought I had the doors repaired pretty good but they just were never going to open and close properly. I had to cut new windshield glass so I cut it from a sheet of amber and added amber glass to the rear and side window areas. With the price of kits these days saving and old kit is a great way to go. I got this old kit in a trade with a member of this board. I was going with some flames but decided to leave them off for now, I can always add them later.
  22. Completed a trade with Jordan White, would trade with anytime.
  23. Changed up a few minor things like silver to gold trim on the wheels and interior color from red to a tan color. The chassis only needs a couple more added then its done. The rest should be smooth sailing.
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