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  1. Kit #2 from the MPC Hall of Fame 3 car set . This kit can be done 1 of 3 ways, Clarks green #92 or Gurney White #93 or a developmental version with a early double overhead cam . Kit come with all decal versions. This kit ,so far ,is pretty straight forward. The 2 pc plastic tires are a little lame but at least they are not the vinyl ones.
  2. Alot of super type glue with a kicker then add in some epoxy then sand smooth and hope it holds. 😄
  3. From the MPC 3 car kit from the 80s built from the box. This is a slow build as most parts need an adhesive with a kicker as parts not big enough to pin and some locations points are sketchy to mount . This is the first Indy style car I've ever built and now onto 1963 Lotus.
  4. Motor, chassis done and ready for completion. With all the engine pipes and chassis tubes going on, unless its 100% spot on in place the top body wont fit right, I needed to trim a little off both sides around the engine. The high area of the seat behind the driver fit way tight into the body so I had to trim it also.
  5. The first thing I did was prep the body and get it painted, then start on the engine. The chrome on this one is very limited so that means everything gets paintedand I like it that way . It was a slow go on the engine as most parts just had a contact point rather than a pinned joint so an instant adhesive and insta-set accelerator was my choice of glue.
  6. They may have been Monogram decals, maybe 39 Chevy or one of the Fords, not really sure.
  7. I have never built an Indy car before , its always custom , drag or an odd kit, I've had this 3 car set for along time so Im going to give it a whirl. The #98 Willard Battery kit is probably my favorite from this set. I have the original AMT Agajanians Indy winner from the Checkered Flag series and noticed the tires back then were solid and had a tread pattern, this MPC is a 2pc plastic with out detail. My 2nd favorite is the #92 / #93 Lotus . The #92 Lotus is the 1963 IMC kit. The last and the one Im going to start with is the Johnny Rutherford 1974 McLaren with driver.
  8. Pretty simple build , no interior but I made a cradle to hold the driver in, cant see the motor so I quit spending time on it, I made a 2 pc. skid plate but really no reason to put back half on. The chassis fit fine the way it was, I lowered the stance by installing chassis stops (mounts) higher. Paint and decals and a few extra parts. This body needed multiple cleanings,it looked and felt slick. I could not get paint to stick even after bleach, SuperClean or SimpleGreen. Finally hit it with a wet 320 grit then another bleach wash to knock down that mold release.
  9. Pretty straight forward, I wish I didnt put an engine in, curbside is the way to go unless you do a flip up body. I do like builds with drivers tho'. Only thing I did different was run exhaust out the body and add 2 more fins plus the driver. Chassis is Revell 57 Ford, engine is AMT 409. Chrome front and rear are Molotow chrome. Color is Tamiya racing white
  10. Something magical giving a discarded kit a new lease, well done.
  11. Way to think outside the box, I really like the way it turned out.
  12. Looks really good. Interior works and looks good in the bigger opening. Yours is the 1st one I ever saw completed.
  13. 409, it fits great in this Ford chassis. Just a few body mods. I will run the exhaust out of the rear of the body. Dont know why I put an engine in, have to turn it upside down to see it. This Hudson just screamed for a driver , so I made a small interior and filed down an old Monogram Nascar driver. Got the body down about as low as I can go.
  14. 3 trades that all went smooth as can be: Khils TarheelRick Fordf-100 All 3 are trusted stand up guys Ken
  15. I have another Jag with only 1 Jaguar decal plus this MG. The Phantom I dont have.
  16. I dont have many...but I do like the odd ones.
  17. Resin SaltFlats ,all the hard stuff has been done by J/F so all I have to do is fit in a chassis and somewhat of an interior with a driver. Chassis choices are 62 Chevy or Revell 57 Ford , the fit is pretty good on both. Hopefully this one will be straight forward with out problems ,yeah right😆
  18. This one was a tough one for these old eyes. There was a few times this thing almost launched but I held my cool. Alot of stretching and cutting and fitting again and again. Most of the interior cannot be seen once the body is on. I wanted to do a hearse and now its out of my system.
  19. I feel the same DJ . DJ is a fair square trader and has a lot of knowledge about the same era of cars I like. I spoke with him on the phone for over an hour..1st class guy.
  20. Interior and chassis completed. You can see the difference in the stock interior tub vs. the stretched interior tub.
  21. Not sure, thats how I got it, it was built with original decals on but not painted.
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