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  1. The chassis and interior areas were so heavy in glue ,some body and chassis rails were distorted and or melted. Scale is 1/25th
  2. Bad glue marks cleaned up to leave just glue stains. I got the actual main chassis back together but it was so twisted from heavy glue it was not usable. I was able to find an old Outcast parts box frame with a piece missing up front where the front axle mounts but is still better than what I had. (thanks to Can-Con for the heads up) The front axle repair was straight forward and actually still steerable. Cut out a few Platistruct tuft patterned pieces for the rear inside to cover heavy glue areas. The interior seating area glue spots, since its a show rod , I can use some "funny fur" for cover once its cleaned up. Next is primer and putty, then more sanding.
  3. They both look great Ray,nice clean builds. How many Cobras have you built vs. other vehicle brands. All the kits I ever built since the 60s I have never done a Cobra, I have an original issue and I think I may buy another and build one soon.
  4. Really nice looking GTO. The darker door and trunk lines bring out that color. Nice work.
  5. Quote: If you can find one of the versions of the MPC "Outcast" kit, it has the same chassis. Thats good info to have and I have the Outcast covered . I ran into that before on the MPC mail truck, the complete chassis was found in the 1929 Woody/Pickup kit.
  6. Pretty much every old show rod I've pulled apart was an ordeal, this one was no different. It was almost beyond saving as all the bright parts were full of glue also. Being its one of the rarer show rods I soaked the entire model in Castrol super clean and in these pictures is what I have to work with. The chassis looks to be tough area. The body can be repaired and it will still be some sort of show rod, but its not going to be the PaddyWagon.
  7. First time I ever built 3 different versions of the same kit.
  8. Completed the 3rd build from the SurfWoody kit "The Surf Hearse". I think this kit looks better without fenders. SurfWoody SurfHearse SurfRoadster Tough trio to build
  9. Only progress is paint, but they say 3rd times a charm and as much as I like the SurfWoody kit Im glad the 3rd one is the last one. This version will have fenders.
  10. After building the Roadster and Surf Woody versions, I said never again. But then I built the Silhouette and after that nightmare I figure building the Surf Hearse may not be all that bad. First thing was to remove 80% of the chrome to paint and detail the chassis black and gold. By removing all that chrome that finicky chassis went together a little better and a little more solid. Body color will be purple and black and gold.
  11. MThings I changed: The interior floor needed to be cut out as it had 2 humps for the bucket seats. Added an older seat , harness and rollbar. Front axle blocks to raise up the front to even, it hung really low in front . Lop off running boards. Engine was left out of box except for the big intake scoop, I used 2 velocity cones. Front tires along with wheels were changed along with rear slicks. Grille is from the AMT 53 as is the bumper. Paint is silver fade into light red and cut up Silhouette decals and part box.
  12. Looking for a complete chassis with tires minus engine from any jeep, blazer, scout or bronco. It can be used but not a bomb. Can be 24th or 25th, AMT,MPC,Revell or Monogram dont matter.. Let me know what you need in return.
  13. Had a smooth trade with Kevin Hilsabeck,AKA "Khils". Would trade with anytime, thanks Kevin. Ken
  14. Yes ,the cheater slicks (4) came in the last issue.
  15. Getting that chassis right and having it stay square is a nightmare.
  16. Nice..I have a few but never built one. Nice work.

    Surf Woody

    Awhile (2 years)back I built the Roadster version of the Surf Woody and said never again, this kit is not builder friendly, but I had 3 of these kits and wanted to build all 3 versions. About 3 months ago I started to build the actual Surf Woody version, I got part way through the drive train and put it all away. Poor glue points and odd part install design were the issues I had. Many parts I had to modify or pin in and I used epoxy in many areas to attach parts . Installing the lanterns on the windshield frame was the best lets launch this kit moment , but was just one more lets work with it since I was so close. I worked on this one on and off for awhile and completed it today. This cleans off the work area of any and all unfinished projects. I still have the Surf Woody Hearse to do to complete the 3 of them, I learned from the modifications and short cuts on this one but it will be awhile before I take that one on. The Roadster had a clear windshield when I built it but the newer issue kit I used for the Surf Woody had nice tinted glass, so I changed it . Surf Woody is painted Tamiya #31 Bright Orange and cleared with a light Pearl. Roadster is slightly darker but dont remember the color.
  18. The cab is a J/F resin White 3000. Tires/wheels are J/F resin too. Interior is a cut up AMT Ford C600 and modified dash and parts box seats. Drive train is also a Ford C 600. Stake body parts are from the Monogram 1926 Mack Stake body kit, but the actual wood stake parts are balsa strips cut and painted yellow , floor is also balsa and stained. Door handles from Fireball . Decals are if I remember right are Gopher ,scratched mirrors , glass and wipers. Everything else is parts box.
  19. The White has some color on it now and the interior is done. The wood for the stake bed is next, then the front glass. The way it looks I will need to mount the windshield from the outside or it will set in deep. Making the trim for the windshield is another task but making the trim in multiple pieces looks the easiest. All the other glass is straight forward.
  20. Its been about 8 months since I did anything to this build, time to get it moving along again. Nothing stays on the original build course over time with me, now the rear area has been re thought . The glass is the next step before final fitting of the interior tub. Body sides and tail gate are spare parts from the Monogram '26 Mack Stake body cut to fit.
  21. This one is composed of 4 kits 1. AMT Freightliner 2. 1/35th Academy M1A1 Abrams (main body) 3. AMT logging trailer 4. 1/35th Glenco Models Soviet Amphibious tank (rear unit) Need to pick up some 2mm plastic or metal chain for the load , other than that its done and dirty.
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