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    I’ve watched Dean Milano hack up some pretty rare kits and build it his way over the last 20 some years. The non mainstream builds are what keeps our hobby fresh and it’s awesome to see what ideas are around the corner next. A Vicky on a VW frame has to be a wild one.👍


    This MPC kit was only a partial build and because of its age the chrome was rather faded and in some areas it was rubbed to the plastic color. The grille was in great shape,wheels needed replacing and new windshield cut from some clear. Rear axle assy. needed the most work. Any chrome I removed was shot in gold. Engine is mostly kit with some parts box added. I decided not to try the kit decals. Colors are red metallic over gold coated with pearl. Interior is metallic red with buff tones and white.
  3. Show rods except Monogram Paddywagon ...early drag stuff. 50s or 60s cars except 57,58,63,64 chevy , I have plenty of the excepts 😁
  4. Tbird is a complete kit from 1988. 67 chevy complete 31 panel complete ( TRADED ) Just trading off some duplicate kits 67 chevy and 88 T bird and the 31 panel I have the resin so I am open on trades.
  5. Tires and wheels are on. Tires are from the kit, mags are parts box. The interior is cream and white. I left the interior sides body color. The Corvair engine is so far from the kit, but its missing the kits custom exhaust pipes so I'm trying to dig up a set .I too never knew about this kit until I got it.
  6. Quote: I have tons of interesting kits and resin and you see what I play with! Thats a 100% true Tom, most builder / collector that have been building for some time tend to tinker with others discarded builds seeing something good . I can't explain it , but am guilty of it myself.
  7. I always like to have 2 builds going on at one time so paint or clear on one can cure fully. This one was a partial builder I had for years so after I checked all the parts , its time to build Cooter's Tow Truck. The only thing I may alter is the toy like boom, I'm going to use it, just opening the flat surfaces so it don't look so bulky. The crank I'm not sure about it.
  8. Paint is on and and once its cured we can start again. The glass is starting to get better , the tire burn was pretty deep. Im going to keep trying but if it dont come out soon I'll just cut one out and add the vent glass from the original.
  9. Red metallic over gold and pearl clear coat, and red/white interior. White top.
  10. All the body, engine and chassis are clean up and in primer, a glue spots gone and gaps filled in. Found some replacement mags and wheel backs that will work. The rear axle was a melted mess so I will have to scratch up one. The 2 support arms were a mess also but was able to file it open the arch.
  11. Going to give it a shot, but 2 of them are pretty deep.
  12. Another neat kit I picked up in trade with Phil (FordF100), this time a street buggy. After tearing down the stuff that was built, it seems like the windshield with a deep tire burn and the rear suspension are the only 2 things I will have to remake. Decals are a little sketchy and would have liked to use them as they are the ID for the buggy, but we will see. Like many of things I work on some things do need the chrome removed , but this time just a little.
  13. Pretty straight forward eliminating body parts as I go 😀, but had to add material all along the body bottom gaps and re-do the exhaust. The driver figure just didnt work out no matter how I cut and arranged the arms or shaved the back body area. The steering wheel is just way far left. Plus I tried cutting on the seat to make it work, but all that did was I had to make a new seat. Made two small brackets to make the windshield driver only. Its done and I probably would never have built this one the way it was intended.
  14. I retired in January of 2021, and is it all they say it is ? You Betcha !!!!
  15. Made some progress but ONE big change in plans is every driver I have nothing fits, even with cutting up the seat. I got a Nascar driver altered enough to fit except the steering wheel is located way left to work. Driver was ground down to fit but his left arm was nowhere near the steering wheel. Next move is omit the driver, and locate a seat that fits.
  16. Revell and a Lindberg, not sure if its a shared tooling or not.
  17. I had this kit on the shelf for a long time, dont know where I got it but its always been there. Decided to build it a fenderless race style car with driver. When I looked for info on the net for ideas I found there was alot to choose from. On some racers the 2 spare tires on back were deleted and had a rear body mod to cover the opening. I found one with the tires so thats the route I went with. The body had a 1/8th gap where it meets the chassis once I eliminated fenders and running boards. I removed the chrome off of most parts but this chrome is tough, soaked for 3 days to remove the chrome, scrubbed clean of chrome but the varnish they used was the tough part to remove. Got rid of the reddish varnish by trying a soak in simple green. The spokes wheels are soaking now.
  18. Finally done. Pretty much all AMT 40 Ford sedan kit parts although its from many 40 Ford AMT kits ,except the 40 Merc grille, its resin.
  19. Thanks Carl, I shot the interior Tamiya Dark Earth (almost a light cocoa color) with darker accents on seats inserts and strip on the doors with deep maroon for the dash.
  20. This week is getting the chrome foiling done. Most of the flathead is done and installed. Interior is in primer but not sure on the color.
  21. Chassis done, body has last coat of clear on ,that makes 3 coats. Soon as that cures up I'm trying out Tamiya rubbing compounds. I've only used polishing cloth method before never used the coarse,fine and finish compounds. I think black is not going to be the color to test new waters on.🙃
  22. Body is done. I changed a few things with the hood sides and attached rear of hood corners to the firewall. Color is Tamiya semi-gloss then cleared. Now the wait for this to cure, so the interior and flathead up next. Mercury resin grille blended in fine with the help of evergreen strips on the sides.
  23. Had a trade with "slusher" . No muss no fuss just some old fashion honest horse trading, thanks Carl . Ken
  24. That's a fact...I'm not sure even what oddball scale it is. I used 1:25th tires and hub caps on this Toronado.
  25. Now I can say "Built that-Done that". The one thing that really baffles me is when models were all the rave in the 60s and 70s with Johan ,MPC , AMT , Revell and Monogram , this $1.75 price tag printed on the box was only slightly lower than the other manufacturers of that era.
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