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  1. Came back off the road today and did a little work finish the H-1 interior, I found the color of Kens Kustom Fuzzi-Fur I needed in Oklahoma ,maybe I can get some seat belts done this weekend also , no completed builds in 3 months , I have a few I'm anxious to start on. built backs for the front seats , rear seat backs cant be seen with the body on
  2. You got that right , I dont have a Pantera and theres always room for 1 more kit I dont need...
  3. They opened one in our town in '93 , my then 11 year old wanted to show me this cool place , Slotcars!!! oh boy I bought every thing over the next 4 years that was slotcars . Now its 2006 I have slotcars packed away in boxes new clear bodies , unused new engines, outlaw frames and the only one I built for myself on display in my model case , oh well I had fun until he grew up and found other things to do, fun while it lasted..
  4. Way to go Billy ,good subject , ya dont see anyone doing a Marty Robbins build .Thats the first one I've seen.
  5. That looks really..really good , the older stock cars had the every day look as it went around the track . Love 'em from the early 50's to about your build , great job..
  6. Modelhaus stuff is all A-1 , cool subject and nice color , my old body just would shutter at all that foiling. This ones gonna look sharp..
  7. Hey Billy thats a pretty good lookin' Chevy delivery .At your ratio of gettin' em done you've actually got a shot of building everything you desire. Again "SUPER BUILD "..
  8. http://resinrealm.net/Star/STARModels.html Go to this link and select Hendrix Resin , find what your looking for then look up the price on the list . [its a PDF file ]
  9. Great lookin' rod, the heat marks on the headers look super
  10. Got some color on this last night , wait on the Sublime green to fully cure then extend the Royal blue onto the body This was the original idea for this build
  11. It lists for around $48 , not bad for a resin kit that only needs donor tires & engine.
  12. Thats way cool, the lights look really great.
  13. Need gauge faces for your builds , I loaded over 100 different styles on my Fotki , so if you need them help yourself. http://public.fotki.com/bigtruck199/gauge_faces/
  14. Hendrix casts a '60 pick-up..I'd like to grab one of them some day
  15. I have the resin 32 also {Flintstone}I'm lookin one day ,if ever, to go fenderless
  16. You really nailed down that interior , nice..
  17. Pat & Bob the small rails were a great idea thanks ,heres a mock-up , a little more touch up & lay in the 5th wheel and try some paint in the morning..
  18. Revell Snap-Tite H-1 curbside , pretty far along on the 5th wheel area, just need to box the rear in where the cab stops. Gonna try Testors Sublime green and Dupli-color dark Royal blue 2 tone and shoot the trailer the same way. Did you ever notice the simple builds take the longest ,,LOL... Any ideas on this build would really be helpful...
  19. Had this one sitting waiting on what to do for a motor , decided to put back in what came with it , bought as a builder earlier this year and only thing I bashed were the the tire/wheel combo off a die-cast. I've been toying with a new camera and I see I need more light..
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