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    Looks like your link is broken.

    Like Vicky, I too am working on an early '30 Model AA Stake Truck. I've been at it for a few years now. But it's still in pieces in the garage. It looked fine from a distance when I got it. However I wanted to do at least one old vehicle during my lifetime that would look and drive absolutely perfectly! You can see it (together and in pieces) at Smoky Pond's Early '30 Model AA Stake Truck website.

    Here are some pictures (all but the first were mocked up in PhotoShop from the original digital photo):

    This is how it looked when I bought it in May of 2003.

    Except for the finished wood (was painted originally), chrome headlight buckets and radiator shell, this is how it would look if restored to original condition.

    The 2 pictures above show how I want it to look when it's done. All those yellow chromate cad plated parts remind me of a new tractor. That's the look I was after!

    This picture depicts a body style that I may or may not decide to fabricate for it. It looks like a grain body with a cover, but in reality it's a mobile office and living quarters. It opens just like a pop-up camper, with the drop wings at the sides (obviously), instead of front to back, and entrance in the rear. These were used during the late '20's and early '30's by the engineers and supervisors of the road crews during the construction of the highways across America. It housed a bed, drafting board (that converted into a second bed), dining area and sink. Note that there is a "Kozy Kamp" logo on the side of the body. I took a little "artisitic" license here. I can't honestly say that I know for sure that these bodies were made by Kozy Kamp, but the rusted out shell of the one I saw many years ago in Arizona sure looked mechanically like one of theirs. In addition, due to laziness on my part, the Kozy Kamp logo I used is incorrect for the time period. Prior to to 1935 it would have looked like a crown with the name in it, not an oval.

    I sure hope this helps anyone out there working on a scale model of these trucks!

    -Matt - WY8R