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  1. Yeah I can’t even close the box after I opened it haha.
  2. Really liking this kit, obviously I can’t resist doing a weathered truck lol. the only changes I did was sanding off all the side chrome trim.
  3. I finished up this kit, pretty much box stock “curb side”. the Goodyear tire decals are from powerslide, mirror and wipers scratch made from wire and scrap pieces of photoetch .
  4. Progress. Probably won’t bother adding the plow, maybe just the top part with the lights
  5. Spotted this rare ‘51 Fargo truck while out for a walk today
  6. A few I seen lately, check out my Instagram for more, @jet.photo.art
  7. Felt like working on a winter vehicle, Tire decals are from powerslide.
  8. I got around to some painting on the dozer frame, also the welds made from apoxie sculpt,
  9. It’s not the newest one with the roof, but I’ve also built the one with the winch and didn’t have to much issues with the plastic breaking, I think they changed that years ago. (I did have a broken part on the sprue and I emailed them and they sent me an entire sprue with no issues) the only negative to this kit is the cleanup takes a long time, they like to use a lot of attachment points on tiny parts which can lead to breaking them if you’re not careful. btw for the control rods 23 gauge syringe needles are the perfect size to replace them.
  10. Working on this kit from miniart. Here’s one set of tracks built up and painted.
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