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  1. Can anyone point me to a link to get a replacement part? It used to be easy on their USA website but that’s gone now..?I can’t find any contact info even on their Facebook page I just got the 30 ford kit and both frames are warped beyond use.
  2. This Tamiya one is my favourite https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tools/fine-pin-vise-2/
  3. I was at Canadian Tire today and all the dupli-color spray paint is over 20$ a can now.. used to be like $9 -12 a few weeks a ago
  4. Used Powerslide decals on this one
  5. Monogram kit, Ace decals, dupli-color Ford engine blue
  6. Yeah I can’t even close the box after I opened it haha.
  7. Really liking this kit, obviously I can’t resist doing a weathered truck lol. the only changes I did was sanding off all the side chrome trim.
  8. I finished up this kit, pretty much box stock “curb side”. the Goodyear tire decals are from powerslide, mirror and wipers scratch made from wire and scrap pieces of photoetch .
  9. Progress. Probably won’t bother adding the plow, maybe just the top part with the lights
  10. Spotted this rare ‘51 Fargo truck while out for a walk today
  11. A few I seen lately, check out my Instagram for more, @jet.photo.art
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