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  1. Thank you so much Curt for the reply. I’ve used other aftermarket brands before but never Keith’s. I just ordered some and wanted to make sure I handled them properly. Have a merry Christmas
  2. Hello all, I tried searching the site including the way that’s been discussed on here before using google & bing ( site:modelcarsmag.com ) so I apologize if this has been answered before. Do Keith Marks decals need to be coated or do they come ready to use?
  3. Happy thanksgiving, there was something funny going on with the site. Sometimes I had to close the window to the site out after I put something in my cart and go back in to keep adding to my cart. Almost as if the site was locking up but ultimately I was able to order everything I wanted, just took a few extra steps.
  4. Just a thought, but many times race cars aren’t perfect so either distress the paint in a few more places to give it a well used/raced look or use post it’s to cover the general area including the foil work and fog in some more color or even primer to make it look like a real repair in progress. Sometimes I embrace situations like that. If your going for a show car look than the right thing to do would be to reshoot the entire roof.
  5. Looking to trade my Amt 70 Camaro SS396 annual kit . This is the full bumper kit with the vinyl top. I’ve made sure to go through and inventory the kit. Although some parts are off the trees it’s all there and in great condition!! Only flaw I found is one of the blades on the fan is missing. Looking to trade vintage for vintage so I’m not interested in any newer kits. A few of the kits I’m looking for are; mpc Charlie Allen’s saddleback dart fc, amt 67 falcon, mpc 70 trans am, johan 69 gtx, johan 71 442, johan 70 road runner, johan 70 amx to name a few. I’m open to other kits also. I prefer muscle cars or drag cars. Pm me if interested
  6. The gto came out great. I bought an original issue gto as well that was previously built but was complete. I’ve since dismantled the model ,stripped the paint and had the bumpers rechromed. Anyway, I the process of dismantling it I had a hard time popping the hood vents out and destroyed one. I looked for quite a while for original replacements but struck out. I found a guy on eBay that was selling resin repops for the original annual kit which I purchased. They are very ice ,fit great and price was right ($4.99). I’ve included a screen shot of them and the sellers eBay name. Maybe contact him and he could help?
  7. There’s a name for when they appear like that but for the life of me I can’t remember the term at this moment. Hopefully someone else on here can help with my senior moment but either way, it looks like they didn’t adhere well to the paint finish. I’d take a sharp blade or something with a very sharp tiny tip and lightly puncture through the decal in random spots. Then I would apply decal settings solution over the decals. This should allow for the solution to get under the decal and allow any air trapped to get out. Gently apply pressure with a Q tip ( I lay it on its side and roll it towards where I want to work the air out ) and work any air towards the punctures in the decal. When the decal appears clear again and there’s no sign of air under the decal hit the decal with a hair dryer to help it finish settling down. You may have to repeat the process but it works very well for me when I’ve got similar decal issues . Hopefully this helps
  8. I gotta say that my main passion is automotive models and my stash is officially out of control but with that being said , I do on occasion drift away from cars to change it up and build an aircraft model or even a big rig. With the aircrafts it started with WWII and eventually found myself building jets as well. My only limiting factor is space for the aircraft as others have said although all of mine are hanging.
  9. That hood is still available from him, I just ordered and received one. I went to his website and on there was a link to his NEW web page. On the new site page it was listed as available
  10. Thank you guys for the compliments. Very much appreciated
  11. Thanks for the help Steve. I just picked the sets up on eBay.
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