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  1. Thank you guys for the compliments. Very much appreciated
  2. Thanks for the help Steve. I just picked the sets up on eBay.
  3. Steve, where do you source your embossing powders from and are you using a particular brand?I have silver and black that I use and if needed paint over but I’ve been trying to find other colors locally at various stores but pickings are slim.
  4. I also just did a trade with Ron (Kymdlr ). Greatly appreciated and great guy to trade with. Thank you Ron
  5. Thank you Steve. It was was a pleasure trading with you, would gladly do it again.
  6. Thanks guys. I’ve always had a soft spot for Willys and have more to build. They’re the quintessential gasser.
  7. Yeah I’m surprised too, thought that’d be the first to go although there’s been some interest
  8. The Nash Bridges cuda is claimed.
  9. Here’s some kits I’m looking to trade away. The HD F-150 kit is opened but complete as is the Nash Bridges Cuda. The other kits are sealed. I’m interested in muscle cars and drag cars primarily. I’ve also got a list of parts I’m looking for to complete projects I have. Johan 65 chry 300 stock wheel cvrs & mtr, amt 65 fairlane drag hood scoops & under hood ram air duct, amt annual 64 gto stock wheel cvrs, amt annual 69 Torino gt frt&rr bumpers, mpc annual 68 barracuda body, johan 70 amx hood,frt bumper & rr bumper with taillights, amt annual 66 fairlane taillight bezels and taillights. I’d even be interested in built ups as long as it’s restorable.
  10. I responded to your pm, not sure if it went through though.
  11. That’d be funny if it is, I just pulled this pic off the interweb. I had a 91 5.0 lx hatch. Miss that car terribly
  12. There were two reds that year. A good friend of mine had one in jalapeño red and it’s definitely got an orange hue to it. In that pic I agree it looks more red but possibly that is the other red.
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