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  1. I have them,I’ll take some pics and post them for you
  2. “Pro built “ is absolutely thee MOST misused term that is so grossly thrown about on eBay. It drives me nuts. Realistically.... how many people really make a profession out of building model cars??? What exactly makes a builder a pro? Granted, there are many people on this forum that build amazing models and possess GREAT talent that never ceases to amaze me and I have a ton of admiration for their talent. I’m glad someone brought this up.... rant over. As Snake says.... model on😊
  3. I have a Dodge Viper altered project I started a long time ago and kinda lost interest. In the right hands it would turn out to be an amazing model,it just needs to be finished. I’m fairly open minded on trades for it. Possibly a Ross Gibson motor, something drag related, or drag project that might peak my interest. You get everything in the pics. You will need to supply some of your own parts and the rear wheels don’t match but I did mock the car up in the one pic to give you an idea where the project was going.
  4. I have a very rebuildable 1968 coronet convertible to trade away. The body has minor glue damage that can likely be repaired with a little filler primer or at most a skim coat of spot putty in a couple spots. I took a bunch of pics to show. There is some glue staining by vent windows as well but no major damage. The original glass is still in the body but an extra is included. Everything in the pics is included. I’m looking for the following; johan 1970 or 1971 Javelin, johan 1970 GTX, johan 1968 442, johan rebel fc. There may be others I would consider that I didn’t think of but please no glue bombs. A good rebuilder or unbuilt is preferred.
  5. I noticed that MCRC website hasn’t been updated in quite some time, is Facebook the preferred method of reaching them now?
  6. They’re yours than. No worries if you don’t have anything to trade now. Maybe some other time . Don’t worry about shipping either. I’ll try to get the parts out tomorrow or Friday.
  7. Pm me your address and I’ll send you the console. Did you want the other part as well or just the console? I’ve got several projects of older kits going so off the top off my head I’m in need of the following; amt 64 gto hood scoop insert, amt 69 falcon taillight bezels, amt ( original issue ) 66 fairlane taillight bezels and taillights, amt or mpc 71 or 72 pinto stock front valance, johan comet pro stock intake manifold set up ( either one).... to name a couple things lol. If you can help out that’d be great,if not don’t worry about it. I’ll still send you the parts. Glad to see them go to a good cause.
  8. Jon, I’ll tell you what... pm me your shipping address and I’ll just send it to you. I’m happy to see it used. If by chance you’ve got an extra color laying around your not going to use you can send me that or testors metallizer magnesium in rattle can that’d be ok also. If none of those don’t worry. What are you planning on using it on?
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve got a couple parts left over ( from mpc 69 coronet) and also a brand new Q5 Dodge turquoise from scale finishes to trade away . The console is mint and has just come back from being chromed at little motor car and also the exhaust/rear suspension/ driveshaft. I’d rather see them go to use if someone needs them instead of sitting in my stash. If anyone is interested just let me know. I’m also in need of the original issue amt 66 fairlane taillight trim and original issue 64 gto driver side hood scoop insert if by chance anyone has them around and can spare them.
  10. The gtx chassis is a great fit and requires little adjustment. Here are a few pics of mine and where I removed a small amount of material. As for the convertible boot, I had one in my parts stash that was a corrected resin one that IIRC I got from missing link. I still made a few adjustments but overall it works fairly well.
  11. Thanks Frank, the red and blue are paint. The red stripes bordering the blue are from the Slixx Dick Landy sheet as are most of the other decals.
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