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  1. I would love to pick one of these up. I had a 91 LX 5.0 that I’ve always wanted to build a model of. How or where can I pick one up ?
  2. Made some progress on this one. Most fab/fit work as well as final mock up is done. I’ve started painting everything now. Comments and questions are always welcome
  3. I’ve ordered from them a few times and never had any issues. The orders came just as quickly as some orders I’ve received from state side companies.
  4. Hello all, so I purchased this built up on EBay for $20 or $30 ( can’t quite remember exactly) a while ago. It was fairly complete but I took it apart and threw the painted stuff into the purple pond. The plan came to me quickly.... not stock,not even day 2..... I’m going for that 6-7 year old muscle car turned into a nasty street machine... a “ day 6 “ theme. Go fast parts and mean look . It will have a tunnel fed 429 SCJ, cragars , black paint and a black vinyl top. I included a few photos showing what I started with and how it’s going. Used a couple other kits as donors ( Revell 70 torino & Amt 71 cyclone nascar kit ) as well as raiding my parts box and several parts from Missing link ( BIG thank you to missing link ! )
  5. My cyclone restoration currently getting some bench time.....
  6. I never even attempted it with this build. This build was just a quick/ fun build and I didn’t really want to invest extra time in getting the doors to work well. Instead I focused more on getting the stance right and opening up the radius of the rear wheel openings. Wish I opened them more actually.
  7. Thank you for the compliment. It was basically same scenario for me. Built one back in early eighties when I was younger but wanted to build another now that My skills have gotten better some 30+ years later lol. Sure it’s a fiddly old Revell kit but I’ve certainly built worse and sometimes I enjoy the challenge of making it better. Definitely give it a shot Thank you. I love gassers as well and felt I had to have a good looking Henry J gasser in the collection. Bad reviews/opinions aside, it can still present well. Thank you
  8. My order has arrived and NO SURPRISE........ it looks awesome!! So worth the wait. Thank you Steve for all the work you did in making the master and thank you Ed for making it possible for the rest of us to have these parts. I did purchase a few other parts as well for future project. If anyone hasn’t checked out Ed’s other products I strongly recommend you do. Over the years I’ve purchased many other things ( chopped deuce, hoods ....etc ) and hands down some of the nicest out there on top outstanding customer service.
  9. I live close and plan on checking it out, I’ll let you guys know
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