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  1. I had that one! Also, not strictly a game, but also had the original Port-a-tree Eliminator for practice.
  2. I wish there was a '98+ ranger... My guess is the market isn't there. I see the '95-'97 explorer, '97 expedition and '97 F-150 selling on the auction site for half of what a typical new kit goes for... That's including shipping in some cases. As other people have suggested the '73-'79 series makes a ton of sense, they were popular their day and popular now and I could see the resin aftermarket supporting them much like in the 1:1 world.
  3. For the rivet counters; the frames are different. '73-'79 2wd frames are 38" wide from the cab back, verses the earlier SAE standard 34". The 4x4 frames get trickier, F100 went wide in '73 but F250 went to 38" wide about half way through the '77 model year run.
  4. Aside from the original AMT issues, there have been several resin re-casters doing the 'unibody' big back window and the standard small window. The 64-66 cabs not only have the relief in the center but there is also a prominent ridge about 1-1/4" above the gutter. The 61-63 roof is a low crown from the gutter to the center.
  5. First factory Ford with a pickup bed and DRW was 1980.
  6. Looks good! The only thing I can think of is the heater box you offer in your conversion is correct for '65-'66... The '61-'64 ones were different, but easy enough to scratch build.
  7. Those look great and seem to fit well. I'm waiting for someone to come out with an '80 grill for the earlier Revell trucks.
  8. I am not a 1950's 4x4 expert, but I believe M-H primarily did conversions on Fords. I believe NAPCO did the conversions of GM products.
  9. I'd be interested in a '64 grill as well
  10. Any discussion on this '67 service truck? I find it interesting that they keep offering F100 service bodies. Wonder how many '67 only details are accurate? https://internethobbies.com/collections/moebius-model-cars/products/moebius-model-cars-1-25-1967-ford-f100-service-bed-pickup-truck-kit
  11. The correct ground cable should be a flat copper strap. https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ProductDetail/A-14301-B_COPPER-GROUND-STRAP?fromCategory=ProductDetail/A-14301_GROUND-STRAP
  12. I used to maintain one of those Oldsmobiles up until a few years ago. The customer bought it new in highschool and only drove it in the summer, it white with a saddle interior. I'm out of the garage business, but he still has it. It's pretty cool that a colonnade car was that well cared for, and nice to see an example that wasn't finished in a drab Earth-tone.
  13. That is an H series Ford. As Jim noted it's based on the Ford C series, aka Budd cab.
  14. Thanks for the welcome guys! Since I've seen it come up in other threads, I'm primarily interested in building American cars and trucks (big ones too) pre 1970. That said I have started to build my kit backlog around cars we had when I was a kid so 80s-90s GMs and Mopars. My dad was fleet manager for a local utility so we usually had the latest off-lease foreman special, plenty of K-cars and Voyagers... I also desire to build most of the Roth offerings.
  15. Yup, those 50% off coupons from two weeks ago and this 60% off for today we're one and done specials for 'members'. My wife and I are both Michael's members she got some stuff for her hobbies and I got a Revell Early Bronco for $12 and change!
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