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  1. Great looking build! Aoshima has made LHD BRZ kits, although they are the first gen. I don't know if they have have produced the updated model like Tamiya has. The interiors are slightly different between the two gens. Converting the Tamiya kit will also require the LHD firewall from the Aoshima kit.
  2. Which exact primers are you guys using under the Duplicolor? I've used Duplicolor in the past with great results, but my primer was 20ish year old Plasitcote that I don't think is available now.
  3. Like the title says, has anyone turned this kit prostreet? Or have any suggestions on an appropriate chassis to modify? The frame in my kit is so warped it kind of looks like a banana.
  4. I too, am a 79 model, and I remember this style fondly. Love it.
  5. Cool topic. I don't have anything from when I began that still survives. Oldest build goes back to 2000. It's not much different than the ones from around 5 years ago. I started out really bad, got better and better, then regressed a little bit. My hands just don't work as good as they used to.
  6. The Isuzu is now rolling on Subaru wheels (even though they're 5 lugs lol)
  7. Hasegawa Gemini. May convert it to LHD and give it a bowtie on the grill. Nissan wheels were just meant to figure out stance, but I kind of like them.
  8. Too far along to be a mock up, but this is a pic thread...
  9. Nice build. I'm working on one right now. Yes, the instructions are BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I work on mine off and on, sometimes several weeks between sessions, so maybe I missed something, but I haven't figured out how to attach the rear bumper assembly. Otherwise, everything thus far has fit fairly well, after some test fitting.
  10. Love the 86. How well does the rocket bunny body parts fit? I have the BRZ, but was thinking about picking up the bunny as well.
  11. Saw one at a hobby shop. It was sealed, so I couldn't see anything. Wondering what the deal was. Is it chrome plated for a reason, or just some gimmick? I assume the plating can be sprayed over?
  12. My last build of 2021 is Tamiya's Subaru BRZ. I tried to make a model of my 1:1, but mine is a 2020 US spec car, and this kit can't be built that way. Still though I got pretty close. I used Fujimi wheels that matches mine pretty well. After I started this kit, I discovered Aoshima's version, which is a whole lot better, and can be built more closely to my 1:1. Paint is Tamiya Mica blue. My first of the new year is this little Fujimi Nissan March. I painted it Tamiya champagne gold with Testors wet look clear. The wheels are also from Fujimi. It was a fun break from more detailed kits. It's really hard to take pics here in the winter. There's either too many shadows, or too much sun.
  13. Great build! I like those Fujimi kits. They're fun to build and go together really well.
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