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  1. I made it out to that small hobby shop on Saturday. I didnt find any Amt Dusters from any of the various issues. Instead I bought some paint I was out of and Revell's stock 76 Torino. I'll check the Hobby Lobby for a Duster next time I'm in town. I started building and modifying the engine I have, and it's going pretty well, but still, I'd rather use a better one.
  2. It was in one episode. It didnt show them using it, but Dean was carrying it after a "job" and he said something like "dad loved this thing"
  3. Just in case I cant find a suitable donor car tomorrow, I started correcting a parts box engine (probably from the 80 RR, as I crammed a 440 in mine) It may end up too much work. We'll see.
  4. I have a Monogram boxed issue purchased at Meijer on discount. Like many here, I built it years and years ago. Now though, it doesn't look like a very detailed kit. Probably build mine as a street machine with the big scoop it comes with.
  5. Great. I'm going to a small hobby shop on Saturday that doesn't get much traffic. They have older issues of kits still priced the same as when they were issued. Hopefully I'll find one.
  6. Thanks for the help. I'm not looking for period correct stock. The look I'm going after is if *I* were building this in 1:1. Basically just a warmed over small block to make the car move on down the road, without the expense of a hemi or wedge engine.
  7. I started this kit a couple years back, finally finishing it this past March. Its built box-stock from Amt's issue of the kit. Paint is Testors Flame Red with Wet Look clear. Last pic is my current wip of an older Lindberg version. Show me yours as well. I'd love some more ideas.
  8. Hey guys, what kits have a decent 1/25 318/340/360 engine? I know of the amt Duster. Are there any other good ones? Right now the only two I have on hand are from the 80 RR and 75 Dart. I'm building a Lindberg 64 Dodge and I want be a little different.
  9. If we just have to list something old... How about a 46-47 Hudson? Or a Nash?
  10. I like it. The concept is really cool. Kind of reminds me of the cars in the Fifth Element.
  11. Mine with a stock internal 4 cyl, a header and glass pack, would top out around 100-105. I couldn't hear anything but the engine screaming at that speed.
  12. I built this from the Deserter kit when it was released. The dumb toolbox engraving on the bed was filled in with Evercoat. The kit has an 84 grill, but not an 84 bumper, so I filled in the bumper's lights and painted it with a Molotow (unfortunately, that was my first experience with Molotow and I handled it too much, making it dull) Paint is Krylon camo colors Khaki and Dark Brown, with Krylon acrylic clear. You can see what those paints look like without clear in the interior. The clear really darkened it up. The engine is from the newest tool amt 57 Chevy kit, which is a 427/TH400. The 2wd front suspension is actually from a 91 Firebird. Not correct or detailed, but it works. Rims are AMC rallies from a Gremlin kit.
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