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  1. Nice! I remember seeing a pic of this build in one of those old SAE annuals or what have you, back in the 90s.
  2. Also, the tv car is automatic. I used the block/trans from the amt 70 Monte Carlo in my build.
  3. Thanks! I think I'll buy them when they're out. Looks like a fun change of pace.
  4. I'm interested in their 1/32 Camaro and Nova. Does anyone know anything about them?
  5. Mine is fairly mundane looking. I have another one that'll be more colorful whenever I get around to starting on it.
  6. Just about anything that has "Revell" printed on the box and produced before the late 80s. Especially the tri-fives. Dodge L700 gets an honorable mention. I had to glue shut the doors on mine as well.
  7. I have that kit as well. It's all completed except for body paint, and I can't find wheels I like for it. I havent touched it in a couple of years, but it seemed like a really good kit.
  8. Built a few years back when Hobby Lobby cleared out the Sock It To Me kits. I bought several.
  9. I have a bunch of stalled projects. I'll have to dig one (or several) out tomorrow.
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