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  1. Good to know. I'll probably start mine once the humidity lowers around here and I can paint again.
  2. I recently picked up AMTs 93 Corvette convertible dirt cheap. I haven't started it yet, but from past experience, the Monogram kits went together well. Cant explain it, but the AMT kit just looks like it will have issues.
  3. I'd like to see that, as I love the looks of those.
  4. I mix various flat browns and blacks together and thin them down. Flow them in with an old thin brush.
  5. I boxed mine in with sheet styrene. It's not factory accurate, but it works. The Bronco version of this kit is the same way (if I remember correctly) I built one as a teenager and I can vaguely recall looking through the interior and seeing the back of motor.
  6. ^^^ Also that JD backhoe is really old. Hardly see those anymore. I'd guess anyone interested in construction equipment might want something more modern. I know I would.
  7. Looks good. Yeah, the hood fit on this kit sucks. I had to grind down the top of the core support to get mine to shut all the way.
  8. That looks awesome! I really love it. Yours looks a lot better than mine.
  9. I like Tamiya, but can't get it locally. Testors lacquer black is what I use.
  10. I built the Amt Rabbit about 20 years ago. Found it at a swap meet for about $5. The box had mildew and dead roaches in it. It went together very well, and had decent enough detail. Too bad I no longer have it. When I got divorced I took my Jeep, my tools, and my guns. When I went back for my models most were trashed. I'll find another one someday.
  11. Saw one on Ebay a few days ago. $80 buy it now! I know where one is sitting on a shelf for $20. I'm going back to get it next week hopefully.
  12. Continuity errors drive me insane, but I guess the average consumer doesn't mind (or even notice) But I get it. Some car crashes might push their budget too far, so they substitute. I hate, absolutely hate...movies and tv shows where a cop or bad guy will pull out a Glock and there's a sound effect added. Glocks dont have safeties to click, nor do they have hammers to cock. Also, every outdoor scene in a western US state has a stupid falcon or hawk screeching.
  13. Following. I always liked those cars.
  14. Thanks! I was going to foil out like the rest, but I decided to be cheap lol
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