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  1. Hi Rick. I was the one who sold you the sealed GMC stepside. My wife says that I know too much about the contents of kits and the variations within the lines. Like the fact that the GMC truck was only issued in the stepside shortbed form once. What can I say it has been a passion for many years. This was the first year I thought I would try my luck and be on the other side of the table. I took some time off to finish a degree. I attended this show regularly all through the 90's (Go Mudhens!?) and early 2000s. It was ALWAYS a favorite because I'm a builder and enjoy the hobby. This years show had a horrible turnout! I barely made my travel money even though I tried to take a large diverse selection of over 100 kits and made every attempt to price items fairly. I was extremely saddened by all the talk at "Toledo" that the hobby is dying. I can safely say I'll never return to that once great show. Everything good eventually comes to an end.
  2. Have any members here on the board built one of the SMC pro stock kits? Pinto, Mustang, Vega, or Monza? What are the kits like, how long of a wait, any things to watch for, and last but not least, does anyone have photos of their builds? Thank you so much for the info!
  3. Awesome. Always wanted to build this Chevelle! Won just about as much as Sox and Martin. Where can the decals be found?
  4. Crazy hot rod, pro touring, and drag racing builder from the rural Peru area here.
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