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  1. Looks very nice and clean! ? I'm a fan of Hasegawa kits. I'm glad to see the finished model, because I am working on the same car - 240Z Mr K. version.
  2. Many thanks! In fact, the car is very tiny, on 1/24 scale it's only 5 inches long. In my opinion, it's not sad at all ?
  3. Here's another Japanese beater - Subaru 360, built box stock. This is my second build ever. I used the Hasegawa kit, which impressed me very much. Great quality plastic parts, everything fits together nicely. Only the front suspension is slightly loose, but I could live with that. Paint is Molotow Belton Premium spray can. Rust made using the maskol method. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks for all replies and comments! I like when model doesn't look like plastic, so wheathering is always a good touch up.
  5. This is my first completed model ever! The whole painted by brush and spray paint. The model is quite demanding for the first time, a lot of sanding and combining, such a windshield was bent at the wrong angle and is about 3mm too small. During construction I broke several parts.. You could have chosen something better for the first model - now I'm assembling a car from Hasegawa and the difference in quality and fit is colossal. Nevertheless, I am glad that I was able to finish it, although I am aware that the effect is not impressive ...
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