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  1. Superb job all around. Super smooth foil work, and nice touch on the rubber gasket around the windshield.
  2. Great work there. I have one of these somewhere in my pile, haven't decided what color to paint it.
  3. Nice work on that. Smooth black paint. That was a funny movie. I WANT MY 2 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!
  4. Looks like someone has too much time on their hands. That warning likely means someone tried to eat that.....
  5. Yep. Dive in and try it. If you make a mess of it, well you know what didn't work. Off to plan B. It's only plastic.
  6. Nice work. 6 months seems to be the norm for me on a truck kit. Sometimes you have to walk away from it for a bit.
  7. Great job on a difficult kit. X2 on your photography skills.
  8. Made a bit more forward progress on this trailer. Fabbed up the mounts for the subframe arms. Just going off of pics I found on the net, eyeball engineering here. Also noticed I have to do something with the axle spacing. Tires are touching, DOT would have a field day with that....... Got the liner primed and sanded smooth and ready for paint. Put the tractor in front of it just to get an idea what it will look like. Now to make the plate for the king pin and make it all work. Will likely take a few tries to get it. Hope I can pull it off.
  9. That is looking great. I especially like the exhaust system. As real looking as they get.
  10. I just checked, it is turned off.
  11. Oh, I know. That Hobby Town here in my home town is an icon here. Been around since 1970. I go there all the time, very well stocked. Gotta support the little guy.
  12. HLs in Denver area all well stocked. The one closest to me had the 1/16 57 T bird, had the Ford Snowplow truck a couple months back. Too bad I bought the T bird at Hobby Town back in mid Oct. Always my luck.
  13. Thanks Dave for the reply. I am using Chrome for browser, not in private mode. Cookies are enabled. Maybe cancel acct and re sign up?
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