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  1. Very nice. Definitely something different. I woulda never thought of building something like this.
  2. Nice. Now it looks like a proper CF truck. I remember they used to have the grubbiest trucks on the road.
  3. Too cool. Great use of a defective kit. I gotta try that sometime. All that's missing is some bullet holes🙂
  4. Very nice. Looks factory fresh. That white stuff in background looks strange. Haven't seen that around these parts since April.
  5. You might check a pet supply store for a small fish tank. I picked up a couple at a Petco. I think they were $14USD ea. You can put a few models in one. It could be turned upside down and put on shelf or make a lid of some sort. I am always trying to find a good solution for this situation also.
  6. That's mad skills right there. A challenge is fun once in a while. Nice jewel out of that pile of junk.
  7. 61 Ford Starliner. I like all the Galaxies but this is my favorite.
  8. Thanks Bob. I put 2 light coats on then 1 "full wet coat" I just polished it out, paint was a bit thick already. To me, every paint job is an experiment.
  9. Another Revell snap Raptor. This is a very nice kit. I finished it in early Nov. Just now getting around to posting it up here. Spray bombed with Rustoleum Cherry red, color sanded with 1500 and polished. My only gripe with this kit is that I wish it had decals instead of the thick shiny stickers. It's not perfect but I like how it came out. Thinking about getting another one and make it look like its been around the block and thru the woods several times. Thanks for lookin'.
  10. Superb job all around. No one can say they didn't see that coming at them. It really stands out.
  11. That turned out nice. There's just something about a big purple truck.
  12. Too cool. I think of that old commercial back in the 70s where that old lady hollers Whoop de doo for my Subaru!! I believe it was from a Midas muffler commercial. Been a long time.
  13. That looks nice. Real metal eject cylinder is nice touch. All that is missing is the trash stench and some 1/25 scale maggots to cover it with........
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