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  1. Superb job all around here. Got that total 70s vibe.
  2. Beautiful scratch building. That was the best packer ever. The trash and sludge in the bottom is a nice touch.
  3. Sometimes it seems like this hobby is one big blunder..... I've learned over the years to think things through a bit better. Like when I spent 30 or so hours filling/sanding on this Vandal body before I realized the body was warped😣 And this A100 I built years ago. I found a couple pieces of brass rod that fit perfect through the bumper holes. Worked perfect to paint it but then I couldn't get the rods out after I got paint all over them. I have become better at fixing my screw ups, not to mention some of the blunders from the kit makers. But this is what keeps it entertaining.
  4. Very nice. I agree it looks much better as a tandem axle.
  5. Doug 1061

    57 Chevy

    That looks great. That is a tough one to foil. The next one will be much easier and faster. I hated BMF the first time I tried it but now it's much easier to deal with.
  6. That's a beautiful bug.
  7. I have that same file set. Don't know what I would do without them. Those mini drills look interesting. Who makes them?
  8. That "turd" certainly polished up nice. Looks great.
  9. Very well done. I have never built an Italeri kit mostly due to the cost. But I may have to splurge and pick one up. And the fact that you did that in 3 weeks is impressive. I feel like I am doing well to get a truck done in 3 months.
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