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  1. Enamel reducer works well also. And for the super cheap route mineral spirits will work. I painted the top on this Skyliner mixing 3 or 4 different Testors colors and thinned with $2/gallon(at the time) mineral spirits. Polishes up pretty good.
  2. Nice work there. I have both of these kits in the pile, got me thinking.
  3. Turned out nice. I see this kit at Hobby Lobby but have yet to pic one up.
  4. I believe that is the first one of these I have seen with a top chop. Looks great. More pics please.
  5. Not on road, more like end of the road..... Out for a bicycle ride and happened to see this at the junkyard right near the crusher. Looked to still have a few usable parts.
  6. That's some cool scratch building there. Very nice.
  7. Very nice. I never knew there was a modern day gullwing Mercedes.
  8. Now that's different. Looks great.
  9. Very nice. And I agree with others, that diorama/photo booth is way cool.
  10. Calling this one done. A decent kit but there a few design flaws. The rear doors, and side door for that matter only open up half way. It should have an overhead door on it. Overall it went together without too much fuss except for a bit of warpage on a few pieces. Reefer unit with opening doors was a bit fiddly. Ended up with a bit of tiger stripe in the paint but luckily it doesn't stand out that much indoors. I goes good with that CO 4070. Also kind of odd they put the fuel tank on the right side. It seems every one I have seen is always on left side. Same with the hand crank for the landing gear. Built out of box except for decal sheet from Model truckin. As always comments/critiques welcome. Thanks for looking. Doug.
  11. What a beast. That turned out nice. Looks like you need another shelf for that fleet.
  12. I think that is what I am gonna do myself. I tried the heated up bb's to no avail. It was a thought for a upcoming build I am planning. We do get some vicious hail storms around these parts.
  13. Very nice. That is a whole bunch of hours there. That's gonna take up some major shelf space.
  14. Beautiful build there. Those 70s trucks were the best kinda like the 70s funny cars. I always felt Pete ruined the front of the 359 when they went to the square headlights. Never did look right to me.
  15. What a beast. Looks great. I always knew there was another mixer kit, just couldn't place it. Will look good with lowboy.
  16. Thanks everyone for all the positive comments. This kit is a joy to build. I have three more of them in the pile. I think something like this would be cool.
  17. I agree about the styling of these. By far the best looking of all the cabovers. But then ya only got so much to work with🙂
  18. Yep, I was experimenting. The marks on rear half were done with the punch the body is leaning on, smaller dings were made with a center punch. Will try a few more techniques over the weekend if I have a chance.
  19. Beautiful work and photography. I had forgotten all about these cars. Haven't seen one of these on the road since the 70s.
  20. Thanks Brian. Color is a Ford truck color from the late 70s. Code D Blue
  21. Thanks guys for all the replies. A lot of good ideas here and something to experiment with. I tried a bit myself this afternoon on a scrap body and a sizeable punch that had the end ground off sorta round. Wish I had a set of roll pin punches. Anyway the bigger "dents" were made with that long punch just hitting it by hand, the smaller dents were made with a center punch. I taped a piece of cardboard under the roof panel to soften the blow a bit and hopefully not crack the panel. To me, something looks a bit off. Like it doesn't "stretch" the panel like it does on a piece of steel. I'm gonna have to employ some of these ideas on here and see what I can come up with. The build I'm doing is an AMT 57 Ford, the one with the blue/yellow FLASHBACK drag car on the boxtop. I want to try my hand at weathering, a long forgotten racer that was put out behind the shop and left to the elements. Thanks again for all the ideas guys, I knew I could count on all of you. I just hope I have the talent to pull off what I am envisioning🙂
  22. Very nice. Whenever I see model T on here I was expecting to see a hot rod.
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