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  1. That's something you don't see every day. Pretty cool. I like that chainsaw thing under the door. Would give a carjacker a rude awakening🙂
  2. Way cool. The original timber sled.
  3. This is a good kit. It does go together well. The worst part is getting the doors to fit, they gave it a bit of extra material on them. You just gotta take your time and test fit everything several times. I would recommend this kit.
  4. The latest from my bench. Bought this kit 10 or so years ago and finally got around to it. Nice kit overall, but operating doors are kinda tedious. Unfortunately I broke the hinge on the driver side door so closed it with a drop of clear enamel. It went together well for a multi piece body. Built box stock except for radio antenna. Colors are Testors light yellow enamel and Model Master classic white sprayed with my trusty Paasche VL. I am happy with how it came out overall. As always, comments/critiques welcome.
  5. Superb job there. They are both beautiful, that black car looks sinister. No way could I build them in 2 weeks.
  6. I built this Scout with Revell paint. I thinned it with enamel reducer an added a couple drops of hardener. It laid down nice and polishes up nice. I wouldn't say its any better than Testors, but so far this is the only body I have done. I believe their spray cans are acrylic, I have only tried the steel and aluminum in the sprays. They work well, fast dry and seems to be a durable finish. Enamels in tinlets brush well if thinned a bit.
  7. This is mine. Built out of box except for headlight buckets and decal sheet from Model truckin.
  8. Doug 1061

    6 for 2022

    Beautiful work. That Cobra really catches my eye.
  9. Looks great. I too like the round headlights better. Square headlights on a round vehicle never looked right to me.
  10. Way cool. A guy down the street from my mom has one of these that he bought shiny new in late 70s and is still his daily driver. Looks to still be in great shape.
  11. Superb job all around here. Got that total 70s vibe.
  12. Beautiful scratch building. That was the best packer ever. The trash and sludge in the bottom is a nice touch.
  13. Sometimes it seems like this hobby is one big blunder..... I've learned over the years to think things through a bit better. Like when I spent 30 or so hours filling/sanding on this Vandal body before I realized the body was warped😣 And this A100 I built years ago. I found a couple pieces of brass rod that fit perfect through the bumper holes. Worked perfect to paint it but then I couldn't get the rods out after I got paint all over them. I have become better at fixing my screw ups, not to mention some of the blunders from the kit makers. But this is what keeps it entertaining.
  14. Very nice. I agree it looks much better as a tandem axle.
  15. Doug 1061

    57 Chevy

    That looks great. That is a tough one to foil. The next one will be much easier and faster. I hated BMF the first time I tried it but now it's much easier to deal with.
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