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  1. I'm finally able to get back to it.

    Trailer: I was working on trying to finish it and realized I needed to do a bit of modification before some of the parts I wanted to do would fit.

    I have the work done and it's back in paint, I'm going to let it cure for a few days.

    Tractor: I have the rear bumper mounted and am working on getting the fenders mounted (nothing is glued yet).

    I did a quick mock-up to get an idea what it's going to look like.

    Back when I have more!!






  2. Was looking for something to do while I was off for my surgeries (carpal tunnel) so I pulled these to kits.

    Nothing fancy!!

    Don't criticize to much the yellow & pink ones were done mostly only left handed and the blue & gold ones mostly only right handed.








  3. Way behind on posting what I have picked up.

    I will start with the latest.

    Pic 1: Big Boy Hobbies yesterday - on Pendleton Pike in Indy.

    Pic 2: Hobby Town last Friday - on 82nd street in Indy, I also got some styrene and wood shapes.

    The next 4 pics were ordered the first week in June and received through out the month.

    Pic:3 Hobbylinc

    Pic 4: ST Supply Company

    Pic 5: Welcome to moluminum - Sample Slogan (3dcartstores.com)

    Pic6: Model Truck Builder Parts Store

    Pic 7: Hobby Lobby the last few months. Not pictured 2 Revell w900 Aerodynes and a White Freightliner SD/DD

    Pic 8: What I got for Christmas.




    hobby town.jpg


    st supply.jpg



    hobby lobby 2.jpg


  4. 23 hours ago, stitchdup said:

    you could use coffee stirrers,

    I gave this some consideration when I started the kit.

    I have ZERO experience modifying anything, it was the only trailer I had and didn't want to take the chance of screwing it up!!

    So I'm going with the decals, I just need to know how much material I will need.




  5. On 5/3/2021 at 6:29 PM, Oldmopars said:

    What paint did you use for the body? I think I may have painted my FLC the same color no knowing.

    Dupli-Color: BGM0509 Dark Cherry Met. (94 WA9088)

    UPC is 26916 71423

    I picked it up at O'Reilly's

    I never have liked my chassis being body color. It can be a different shade of the body color or something completely different.

    The grey here is Krylon Short Cuts Matte Grey, the same color is on the interior I just hit it with some satin clear.

    On 5/3/2021 at 6:29 PM, Oldmopars said:

    I guess I should have been following yours more closely. 

    No worries, Even if they are the same color I'm sure they will still be different.

    Different takes on the same theme, works for me!!!



  6. I don't know if the shortages are real or manufactured, but they do exist.

    The company I work for (steel tubing) gets their raw materials as steel coil. They are having trouble getting certain grades, especially stainless.

    The company next door (plastic molding, auto headlights) has laid-off half of their work force and the  other half is working 3 days one week and 4 the next. Can't get raw materials.

    A plastic molding company here in town, I haven't seen any cars in it's parking lot for at least 3 weeks.

    My nephew is an engineer at Honda in Greensburg. He said their having trouble getting parts. The biggest issues are steering wheels, headlights and foam rubber for the seats.

    That's just 3 counties in southern Indiana.


  7. Quick update:

    The chassis is ready to add the peripherals'.

    The interior is basically ready to install.

    I also have the body parts in color.


    On 3/15/2021 at 11:18 PM, Kromolly said:

    .  I'd be curious to see a picture of your spray booth.  I built one myself a couple of months ago and am using it in the hobby room now.  I'm interested to see what other ideas are out there.

    I don't have any pics of it finished but i have attached a couple of in progress pics.

    The cart is the 16" x 30" two shelf service cart from Harbor Freight.

    The air compressor and blower mount on the lower shelf.

    It has two 4" outlets in a sealed plenum behind the filter, plumbed into a 4" DC bilge blower (185 CFM), then it will exhaust out the window.

    I set it up to add a second blower if the one isn't enough.

    It also has a super bright 24" LED light behind the front valance.

    That's it for now



    BRBO 2021 assembly 3.jpg

    BRBO 2021 assembly 4.jpg



  8. I have just been plugging away.

    The trailer is in paint and after I do the wood it will be ready for final assembly.

    The chassis is ready for final assembly.

    I have also been working on getting the interior ready to install.

    Haven't decided completely on the body color, also waiting on decals, parts and pieces.

    I will be having surgery on my right wrist in a few weeks so I'm trying to get as much done as possible before then.


    BRBO 2021 trailer 1.jpg

    BRBO 2021 assembly 1.jpg

    BRBO 2021 assembly 2.jpg

  9. Update:

    A couple of fairly warm and dry days has really helped.

    I have the frame, suspension pieces and interior parts in primer and color. I didn't realize until today that the gray paint I bought was matte, will probably hit them with some satin or semi-gloss clear.

    I  have the major cab pieces in primer, just need to work the seams a little. I ran out of primer so painting is done until I can stock up.

    I also got started with clean-up and sub assemblies on the trailer.

    I need to get some items ordered paint, parts, decals etc.

    That's all for now.



    BRBO 2021 paint 1.jpg

    BRBO 2021 paint 2.jpg

    BRBO 2021 clean-up 4.jpg

  10. Update:

    I have the engine & frame mostly done, working on assembling the cab and still just overall clean-up of parts.

    Not being able to paint outside has been a pain, I did the quick in & out to get the tan on the engine and 2 weeks later it is still tacky.

    I have also brush painted some MM and it doesn't want to set-up either?😕


    1. I don't know what the Italeri  instructions were like but the AMT ones are terrible.

    2. Not a big fan of the multipiece bodies.

    3. Old broke down fingers and fragile parts don't mix!!

    4. Winter sucks!!!!!

    Firsts being attempted on this build:

    1. Use of aftermarket parts, resin, PE, etc.

    2. Scratch building; mounts, trim pieces, bumpers, etc.

    3. Spray Chrome, most likely Alclad. I should have my booth ready in a couple of weeks.

    Will up-date as I can




    BRBO 2021 clean-up 3.jpg

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