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  1. Fantastic work on the trailer. Ever tried staining with good old fashioned tea! Test it out on a spare popsicle stick.
  2. Looks fantastic. Don't forget to add a unit number to it. Especially on the rear charge hopper and the sides of the hood. Quick crete weathering is the only way to do it!
  3. Dan Nice work on the D8, that blade is nice looking. May I recommend to dull it down a bit, as it's a bit of too shinny for a working cat. Jamie at Moluminum has a nice set of resin tracks links that includes the drive sprockets, which has the separate drive segments moulded on. It's not workable but is very nice. I have 3 dozers waiting, and a bunch of PE and resin accessories too. Will be watching this come together. You are building at an incredible pace.
  4. Jeff, Great work on this truck. I work for Lafarge out in Western Canada. There are several set ups here. I want to build a twin steer tri-drives like this one day. Will be following along to see all the progress.
  5. Try casting a thin layer plaster of paris for concrete and when dry, break it up with a hammer. Bent up pieces of paper clips can work as rebar reinforcement. Really nice work on the pusher, and a very cool subject. Not something you see every day.
  6. Nice work on this so far. I recently stripped some chrome parts in the purple pond, and then soaked them in 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove the clear coating that remained. A toothbrush and some light scrubbing removed it, and sometimes a second soak was required. Hope this helps.
  7. That looks a bit different than what I ordered. I like them both. I am having some issues with his site at the moment. Does he carry those tracks too? I want some!
  8. Just found the site about a month ago and just ordered items today. I'll let you know if I have any issues . I am in western Canada , and with no exchange rate to worry about I thought I would give them a try. The photos are right from the site. To Mr Mopar: Hey, just realized your a Canuck too!
  9. Long time lurker but had to add to this topic. I have a reissue of this kit and found a site for the photo etch and some resin conversion parts https://papyhobby.com/collections/papyhobby-d8 I ordered the D8K cab option 2 with D8K conversion set, the photo etch, and the 25 degree blade. They are located in Quebec, Canada so all prices are in Canadian dollars. There are several other interesting items here too. I will post some pics when everything arrives. Definitely need to get those Cat decals.
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