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  1. You guys are making me want to bust out the parts box and get back into building. Thanks agian
  2. I used tube styrene and springs from some ink pens I had laying around.
  3. well I would say its sloppy compared to the chevy. But it works out because it isn't supposed to look pretty.
  4. Thanks everyone! Don't mind this bump, just realized I never replied.
  5. Thanks everyone! I no longer live at that house I took those pictures in or i would pose all of my models in that spot. It worked out pretty well.
  6. Got snowed in today so I decided to take a few more pictures to show more detail of the rear.
  7. Thanks everyone! Yes it is real mud, I used a tooth brush to apply it and to give it a spray pattern. Heres a link the build on Scale Auto. If its a problem posting a link to another forum let me know and I will remove it. Thanks http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/33/t/66661.aspx
  8. Thanks! I might do another one sometime and do something different with the suspension and a slightly different cage design. I need to get ahold of another kit first though.
  9. I'm not sure if I ever posted this here or not but this is a build I did back in 2008. Mods include : 4x4 conversion, cage, front bumper, 4 link front and back, coil overs, fuel cell, brake lines, plumbed engine, and weathering. This is my favorite build that I have done and I try to top it each time. Thanks for looking!
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