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  1. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 Don Gay Pontiac Catalina, finished   

    Mike, Thank you for your interest in the build. You will probably scoff when I tell you how I make the decals.  I use an old adobe  photodeluxe  program that was bundled free with an old scannner I bought back in the 90's. I use the program to create the decals and put them on sheets. I then print them on white decal paper I purchased from micro mark because hobby lobby doesn't sell white sheets anymore. I use a brothers inkjet printer. After I wait a couple of days I coat the sheets with testors 1261 gloss clear lacquer. You have to use really light coats or the lacquer will make the ink run. I do 4 coats. I wait a couple of more days to use the decals. First I cut them out as close to their edge as possible and install them to the model. I wait for the decals to dry and then I trace around Them with a sharp number 11 exacto blade. I then use a tooth pick and tweezers to remove the remaining excess decal material. Its pain staking work, but it works pretty good unless the script is very small and then I just leave the black background on the decal. Some day when the price of Laser printers that can print white comes down, I will purchase one and do my decals the Fred Cady way with white underlays. If that ever happens, I think I could probably sell my decals. Thanks again for your interest.
  2. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 Don Gay Pontiac Catalina, finished   

    Thanks, John. Without your help on the build it probably still would not be finished. Also looking at your drag racing builds was great inspiration for me.
  3. MarkJ added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1962 Don Gay Pontiac Catalina, finished
    Kit: Amt
    Paint: Scalefinishes  Ensign blue metallic
    Decals: Homemade by me on my computer. Inkjet.
    The summer of 1964 was a fun time in my life. I was 13 years old. Two years earlier, my family moved from our home in Virginia to Texas. My father worked for NASA. The space center was built on pasture land that Lyndon Johnson owned south of Houston,
    We lived nearby in the small town of Seabrook on Galveston Bay. It was a very exciting time as my family got to share in the beginning of the space program in the 60's. My best friend invited me to go with him and his father to the drag strip in Dickinson, Texas.
    The stars of the show just about every Saturday night were Don Gay and his brother Roy. Their father owned a Pontiac dealership in Dickinson. Their cars were much better than their competition. So, they would always end up in the final stock eliminator race at the end of 
    the evening's races. Don, seventeen at the time, drove an A/stock 1962 Pontiac Catalina. His brother, Roy, drove  a B/stock 1964 GTO. It was always high drama when they lined up for that final race at the end of the evening. The model I have built depicts Don Gay's
    Catalina. I hope to find a 1964 GTO model. I would like to build Roy's car, also. Like I said, it was a very fun summer for me. I hope you enjoy this model as much as I enjoyed building it, and the history behind it.







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  4. MarkJ added a post in a topic Heilig Meyers   

    Beautiful build, John. Those were the days when Nascar was still great.
  5. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    I forgot to post the decals. I made them before I started building the model. I've spent the last 2 days installing them. It's painstaking work.

  6. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    Wips are done on this one. Thanks guys
  7. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    All that is left to do is the bmf, paint the headliner, Install the glass, inside mirror, install the body to the frame, bumpers and grille, decal and future.
  8. MarkJ added a post in a topic Glue-Bomb Rebuild   

    That looks awesome, John
  9. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    I got the chassis finished and the exterior pieces painted. I must say the scalefinishes paint went on with no problems. When ever I need a color match to a real car I will be buying more of this paint. For a metallic it went on very evenly with no streaking or blotching.




  10. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    I got to play with the airbrush trying different trigger and needle valve settings. I final got a setting I liked and sprayed the firewall It came out very smooth. I'm just waiting for the wind to die down so I can paint the body , hood and grille. hopefully tomorrow,

  11. MarkJ added a post in a topic Thunderbird Outlaw Drag Car   

    Amazing build inside and out.
  12. MarkJ added a post in a topic Tony Stewarts last cup win....maybe.   

    Somebody over at Randy Ayers did his that way. Only problem is there are pristine decals over damaged fenders and doors. I guess nascar has self healing contengencies.
  13. MarkJ added a post in a topic 1962 A/S Pontiac Catalina   

    Its been slow going. Its the usual amt model where nothing fits. You have to piece it together by removing plastic here and there. The exhaust are sandwiched between the frame and the lower floor of the car but there is no room for them. Also the engine cant go where they want you to put it because the headers will not fit to the exhausts. Usually on nascar models you make exhausts and discard the factory ones so its not an issue. Also when you put the wheels together you sandwich a hub in between the halves so the tires can roll. only trouble is you have to shim the hub or the tires will slop around because the hubs don't fit properly inside the wheel halves. It been a real hair puller outer. I'm hoping my airbrush valve gets here today so I can go back to painting for a while.
  14. MarkJ added a post in a topic Question for you airbrush users   

    Wow, that's some awesome work. Especially the American flag car,
  15. MarkJ added a post in a topic Question for you airbrush users   

    Thanks, Michael. Will do.