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  1. Wow, my head would explode if I had that many going at one time. Looks like all are coming along beautifully. On the Petty car, I did not know that powerslide came with white underlays?
  2. Excellent job on a very important car in Nascar history. The King's last ride.
  3. Looks good. Is the Hasegawa kit 1/24 scale?
  4. Here is the model I did of Don's car back in 2018.
  5. Thanks again, John. But I'm afraid that one might be hard to get done. I bet nobody ever even did a resin of that one.
  6. Check out the wip below in the drag racing wip forum. Its the monogram 64 GTO kit. 1964 Pontiac GTO NHRA B stock competitor - WIP: Drag Racing Models - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  7. Larry, I have no idea where the tires came from. They were in my spare parts box. The wheels as well.
  8. finally finished. More pictures in Drag Racing Models forum. Link below. 1964 Roy Gay B stock Pontiac GTO - Drag Racing - Model Cars Magazine Forum
  9. Just finished this one. Roy and Don Gay were teenage brothers who ran at the local drag strip in Dickinson Texas back in the sixtys. Their father owned Gay Pontiac also located in Dickinson Texas. Dickinson is located in south east Texas, just about half way from Houston to Galveston on what was then called the Gulf Freeway. Its now more known as 45 North or South. In the summer of 64, Roy drove a 64 B stock GTO and Don drove a 62 A stock Catalina 2 door sedan . They always seemed to end up racing each other at the end of the afternoon or evening for the stock eliminator trophy. I built Don's Catalina back in 2018 and now I finally got around to building Roy's GTO. I only had one small black and white picture of Roy's car for reference so I had to guess on a lot of stuff. I really enjoyed watching them race back in the summer of 1964.
  10. Beautiful build. So when did you build this? Its held up very well. Paint and decals look very fresh.
  11. Model looks much better with gold wheels. I messed up the bmf on the left rain gutter so I will need to fix that and then future and I will be through. Pretty happy with the results even though there are a few issues here and there that bug me like every build I do.
  12. Up to your usual fine standards , Dustin. Another Awesome build for your collection.
  13. Got all the decals on but I have come to the realization that the wheels must have been gold on this car, just like big brothers car, so I need to do that and then future the model and I will finally be finished.
  14. Again, Really awesome build. I take it Ray Fox prepared the real car? Do you have any background info about the real car?
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