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  1. Thanks, Larry and Richard. I really appreciate the feedback.
  2. Tim, Its sad that you have to do so much work to make this model look right. One other thing that looks off to me are the taillights. They look like they stick out too far to the rear. Its probably just me. I'm sure you have this thing figured out and it will look awesome when you are done.
  3. Tony, Thought it went together pretty well? This model is freaking Awesome, Super clean build, paint work, and decaling. Off the charts beautiful.
  4. Missed those. Probably more even then that. You would have thought all the Ford teams would have run the Merc.
  5. Yes, slight variations between the 2. Talladega has bars in the grille, and smooth 1/4 sail panels instead of the 3 indentations the spoiler has. Also the hoods are different, and the Spoiler has a lifted area in between the hood and the grille bordered by 2 feature lines. And there might be an extra feature line on the Talladega, running down the upper sides of the car. I personally like the Mercury version better.
  6. Thank you, Michal. I appreciate the reply.
  7. Thanks, Gary. I must say your Camper / midget car race team build gave me a lot of inspiration for this build. It was awesome. The bungis are made from .030 rod and .025 rod with a small rod at the end at 90 degrees to act as a mounting point for holes driiled in the side of the stake bed. They were painted flat black. I blew up the picture, and tried to duplicate them the best I could. Thanks again for weighing in on the build, and the question too.
  8. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the kind words.
  9. MarkJ

    1960 Nascar Ford

    Coming along nicely.
  10. Another Awesome one , Tim. I have heard that these kits can be a nightmare to build. You can tell that if that was the case you had no problem fixing the issues it might have had. Looks perfect.
  11. Thanks, Steve and Hakan. Appreciate the replies.
  12. Thanks, Ray and Larry. I appreciate the kind words.
  13. Andy, thanks for the reply. I'm sure it probably had a pretty good granny gear in it. Getting good gas mileage seemed to be at a premium back then.
  14. Thanks, Howard, Mark and John. Its always great to get positive feedback on a build. If anyone else would like to look at the wip and hasn't already seen it . Click on the link below. It shows how Easter eggs became dually wheels. http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/33/t/131345.aspx
  15. Bruce, to tell you the truth, I don't remember too much about the Impala build. I built it twelve years ago. that's why the paint doesn't match the gold trailer. I don't even remember what gold paint I used on it back then. I used Tamiya on the trailer. I've always wanted to do this project when I saw the picture but I had to wait till this summer when amt re-issued the apache 10 kit.
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