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  1. Toyota in NASCAR. Toyota NASCAR in plastic ?

    You would think they would want to create good will with people in this country who would like to build a Toyota nascar model. That person might actually buy a real Toyota in the future.
  2. Toyota in NASCAR. Toyota NASCAR in plastic ?

    Maybe if some of us build some resin Toyotas, it will spur some interest in the Japanese companies, to offer a plastic kit. I thought the camry was built in the u. s. I guess that has no bearing on corporate Toyota and their decisions on granting permission.
  3. Paul Menard Throwback Chevy SS

    Nobody has done one of Rex White's chevy's but I was glad to see the 13 team do smokey's chevelle a couple of years ago. Brad did a Miller Lite theme once that had never been on any kind of race car. I think the throwback should revolve around the paint scheme not the sponsor and should only be nascar, not indy, or any other form of racing. jmho.
  4. Paul Menard Throwback Chevy SS

    If it is, that's kinda out of the parameters of the rules for being a nascar throwback. I was hoping Harvick's Chevy a couple of years ago could have been a throwback to one of Rex White's Chevies that he drove in the sixty's, but some one told me it could only be back in the eightys that year so he wasn't allowed to.
  5. The oldest of my Terry Labonte collection

    Clean, crisp, awesome as usual. The whole model just pops off the screen.
  6. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo II

    Excellent as always. I wouldn't even want to try to get those decals on right.
  7. Honey Frosted Mini Wheats

    As always, Love the paint, and everything else about the model.
  8. Chattanooga Chew

    John, as always, your builds are so perfect its astonishing. Never get tired of viewing them.
  9. 1972 Bobby Allison (Finished)

    Super nice build. Some day I want to do this car.
  10. USAC Superbee

    Wow, Excellent build. Awesome in every way.
  11. Paul Menard Throwback Chevy SS

    Excellent build. I never understood what this car was a throwback to. I don't remember any nascar cars with numbers in a box like that.
  12. The 1983 Winston Cup Champion

    John, just another in a long line of excellent builds. The gold wheels really stand out. How did you do them?
  13. #11 Mountain Dew Buick

    Very clean and excellent build , Bruce
  14. new 2018 toyota and camaro resins at SMH

    David, when you get the new Camaro body, let us know if it is a direct fit to the new revell kits. I would really appreciate the info. Thanks for your feedback.
  15. Does anyone know if these new resins were made from diecast bodies or the new revell chevy kit plastic bodies that might have been reworked? if they are made from diecasts they are going to be too big to be used with the chassis from the revell kits.