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  1. Revell 68 Chevelle

    That's going to be great. What decals are you using? Is that car orange or red? Who is Zhong Shan? Questions, questions, questions.
  2. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Looks good. I've usually seen it attached the other direction. Is it because its a road course car, or it doesn't really matter?
  3. Revell 68 Chevelle

    I've always wanted to do a Raymond car. Maybe this will give me the inspiration I need to follow through some day. So many builds , so little time.
  4. Ryan Blaney's #21 Virginia Tech Ford Fusion

    My gosh , Clay. Your work is just unbelievably too perfect. Always a joy to view.
  5. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Real car or fantasy build? What ever, it will be awesome.
  6. Grey Ghost

    Yes, I know the colonades and the monte carlo did not have windows but I remember that the 1973 Malibu teams were complaining that the big missing quarter glasses were making the back glass act like a parachute. And that is why they came out with the colonades in 74 and beyond to help that situation. The olds had a colonnade roof in 77 but it came with the flat nose grille instead of the more wedge shaped grille the gray ghost used. I guess the grille is more important than the roof for speed. The open big quarters did not seem to hurt the gray ghost at all. It dominated the Daytona 500 that it won.

    Awesome Job , Gary. I followed the wip on this one and it seems to me it was a very challenging build. As every one can see you nailed it, so I don't think you will have any problem with the Orange Super. Looking forward to watching that one come together.
  8. Grey Ghost

    Looks Awesome , Tim. Your choice of chassis really improves the authenticity of the build. Excellent build in every way. Its weird that the real car did not have 1/4 glasses. Did Nascar out law them or did the car actually run better with out them?
  9. Another Interesting Build Possibility

    They had to keep running these old bodies I guess until 81 when nascar forced them to go to the smaller more boxy gm intermidiates. a lot of people think the Gray Ghost was a 1980 olds but it was really a 77.
  10. Another Interesting Build Possibility

    That's not a 78. Gm went to the smaller intermediates that year. I know because I bought a 78 monte carlo. One of the worst cars I ever owned.
  11. Dale Jarrett Thunderbird

    Great job.
  12. Ryan Blaney's #21 Virginia Tech Ford Fusion

    Wow, another Awesome one. Crisp, Clean, Perfect as always. Cant wait for the final pictures. Always enjoyable to view.
  13. 2018 #41 Monster Energy Ford Fusion

    Excellent job as always, Jay. You are brave to post such close up shots. Shows the quality of your work.
  14. 1976 Ford Torino wip

    Tim , check your private messages. I have a question please.
  15. 1976 Ford Torino wip

    The S&H kit supplied chassis would be nothing like the chassis that was under the real car Im doing. I'm better off with my approach. Like I said at the top . I know this nascar chassis is not correct for the car im doing . Its not even correct for the 71 merc kit that the chassis came from. but I don't feel like doing an entire scratch built chassis for this car with long arms and all the other stuff because I have no reference pictures for this car ,Chassis wise, interior wise ,and engine compartment wise. in fact I think this wip is being terminated right now. There is really no point in continuing with it. Someday, I will post the finished build.