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  1. Thats sounds like thats probably what happened. There is so little info about these iroc daytona chargers . At least that I have been able to find. It really made into a nice little race car.
  2. Interesting, I wonder if they ran the 360 v8 jeep motor that chrysler had aquired when they took over jeep. The engine that came with those cars was a 2.2 liter 4 banger. But i think there was a v6 option for it. I went to wikipedia just to get some background on the real charger daytona car in 1991.
  3. Excellent work as usual. What engine did they use in those babies? Did Earnhardt compete in one of those?
  4. Here is that link again. the wip is 7 pages so it might take a while for all the pictures to build but the fender part should be close to the front. http://www.shorttrackmodels.com/index.php?topic=1701.0
  5. Greg, yes I added strips to the bottom of the openings all around and used tamiya white putty above the strips to try to duplicate what Rossi did on the real car to give clearance for the wide racing tires. If you look at the wip it might help. I think i posted the wip link somewhere in this thread.
  6. I noticed that myself. Very vague indeed. I probably didnt do mine right, back when I did one of those models. Thanks for posting that.
  7. I did not know Hendrick had built it. No wonder it was so fast. That was Brad's payback car to Carl Edwards for taking him out at Atlanta. I think Brad got the best of that deal. I believe that was also the beginning of the dreaded tandem racing that Nascar had to eventually outlaw. It was kinda bogus watching pairs of cars racing around the track.
  8. Is that Brad's first cup win car? Thats a beauty from what I remember. One of those iconic cars connected to a lot of historical nascar stuff.
  9. Looks great, Dustin. Nice detailing as always.
  10. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback.
  11. This is a must read when doing a black widow race car. Also reminds you not to put too big a tire on your model that will make it not look just right.
  12. To tell you the truth , Mike. I dont remember. I think I probably just took a small brush and a bottle of guard red acrylic and went around the opeming. i believe there is a story about why that car was red there and I think it had something to do with maybe Curtis turner drove the car as #26 in usac and the whole car was red when he drove it but when they repainted it it only stayed red around the window openings.
  13. He could lead but he had to slingshot and get the rpm's up to 10,000 to do it is what I read. So to win it would have been a coming to the finish line slingshot. We will never know though.
  14. Francis, Yes that little black motor is a 340 destroked to a 305. Chrysler didn't make one back then. I don't think they ever did for that matter. Keith Black the drag racing motor builder built those 340's to be used in the trans am series in cudas and challengers. I made mine from a 440 taken from a 71 amt charger kit. I shortened it moved the heads more upright to make it less wide and fixed the valve covers to look like 340 valve covers. Added an intake from my parts box that looks some what like the intake on the picture I found of the real motor from above. I was thinking it would be a bathtub manifold but it was not. Thanks for your interest in the build.
  15. Tony, Another build that has stood the test of time. Looks as Awesome as the day it was built. Another fine build from your collection.
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