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  1. Beautiful build as always, Tim. Nice to see more Benny cars done.
  2. No problem for you Pierre. But black would be the toughest paint to brush on.
  3. Wow, you finished this one quickly, Pierre, but with the same perfect results. Paint is smooth as ever and not a hint of a brush mark. Love the details you added like the driver. The chapparal gave chevy fans something to root for back in the sixtys when they were pretty much out of the game in Nascar.
  4. Excellent job as always, Randy. Mr. September Oldsmobile. Probably the most important car Gant drove. I don't know why more of these models are not built. Yours is the best I've seen.
  5. Excellent work on both builds, Dan. Especially the Rex White build who happens to be my favorite all time Nascar driver. I saw him race at Richmond in 1961 when it was still dirt. We actually got to come into the pit area after the race and touch the actual cars. I rubbed some dust off of Rex's car with a kleenex my mom gave me. I kept that kleenex forever but somehow in the transition of growing up and moving out to start my own life a lot of my old stuff got lost in the shuffle. I was 10 years old when we attended that race, my first ever live Nascar race.
  6. Excellent build of an Iconic car. Really like your photo setup as well. Makes the model look 1:1.
  7. Thanks, Steve, and thanks for your help on the build. I really appreciate it.
  8. Thanks, Jim, Bob and Scott for your positive comments they are much appreciated.
  9. Thanks, Terry. Just take your time and don't rush and it should go together okay for you. I watched a video of a guy putting one of these together very quickly and picked up a few mistakes that he would of had to deal with later when he realized he put the part in upside down. That can happen on this build.
  10. Thanks, Steve, Tony, Bruce and Mathias. I really appreciate the kind words. And now its safely in its case on the shelf, right above its sister model. Now back to the sixty's where I belong.
  11. Thanks, John. That really means so much coming from you, and I really appreciate it. I think you have probably seen the last of my new Nascar builds. I'm heading back to the really old stuff, fifty's, sixty's and seventy's now that Salvino's is resurrecting some seventy's stuff.
  12. Thanks, Martin. I think if they would make the instructions a little clearer, it would be a lot more fun to build and a lot less chance of making a mistake. Sometimes the part numbers did not jive with what you're building so you had to figure out what they were talking about before you could do anything.
  13. Here is the photo from COTA I used to model the melon. During my research I found out that Ross was 5 foot 9 inches. The melon turned out being 15 inches long. Must be a special tossing melon. A standard Florida watermelon is 20 to 24 inches long when ripe. That is according to google.
  14. Thanks, Pierre. Don't think I will try that trick again because the microsol leaves a white residue if you don't get it off before it dries. you can use more microsol as a solvent to remove it, but it just adds another step in the finishing process. I'll be painting with real paint from now on. the microsol does not leave a residue on paint but it bites into the future. Yes, I did come very close to going mad with all those decals. I can see why some guys are making fantasy versions of these cars instead of using the big panel decals. These powerslide decals are very thick and take a lot of microsol to make them conform to curved surfaces like the fenders and nose.
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