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  1. What are they used for in real life? Can you think of any other place they might be sold?
  2. . Let me ask you again. What do you use for the screen material on the grille? This is another Awesome build from your bench. Quote
  3. Beautiful build , Steve. I'm waiting for Bubba's first cup win to do a car for him. Hopefully it will come soon. Guess I'll have to get a resin Camaro body.
  4. Excellent job, Steve. Best I have seen of this car. Ive been wanting to do another Wendell car so thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Its just easier for me to do the cage in the chassis and then paint it. If you brush paint you wont have any trouble getting full coverage and if you dont you wouldnt be able to tell if the paint was there or not. I do the seat and dash seperate before i install them . no way to paint them after they're installed. At least I cant.
  6. Super nice job on this one. Enjoyed following the wip. Turned out really nice.
  7. Gil, Your build looks excellent.
  8. Paint looks superb. super nice job.
  9. MarkJ

    1965 Jim Paschal Chevy

    Thanks, Snake. I appreciate the reply.
  10. MarkJ

    1965 Jim Paschal Chevy

    Thanks, Barry.
  11. MarkJ

    1965 Jim Paschal Chevy

    Thanks, John. Tim, Bruce and Chris. I relly appreciate the feedback.
  12. Paint came out beautifully. Good old tamiya. Really hard to beat for consistent super nice paint jobs. Just for me though, not available locally anymore.
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