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  1. Your usual source or are these powerslide? whatever, they look amazing.
  2. The only thing about not clearing it is that the decals might lift and curl up in the future. Pun not intended. The floor finish will definitely not cause the decals to lift and curl up.
  3. Future will not hurt decals at all from my experience. And I have'nt found it to yellow them with age either.
  4. MarkJ

    1964 MOPAR Cars

    Only the roofs are the same. I took a 2 door sedan roof off of a dodge and put it on a plymouth to make iggy katonas Plymouth race car that he campaigned for a while in 1965.
  5. You sure do. Where did you find those?
  6. Cool, I've always wanted to do this one and now I will have a guide on how to do it.
  7. Is this the one that is white and has the number 3 and that glotchback drove?
  8. Looks great, Dave. Looking forward to more of your 88's
  9. Looks great. The fit looks like its working out perfectly. Thanks for taking us on the journey with you. Wips are my favorite thing about model making.
  10. You should be pleased. Excellent build.
  11. Excellent job, Neil. Very clean.
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