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  1. bill elliott bud ford

    Excellent build. Detailing in the cockpit is outstanding. Beautiful clean build throughout.
  2. How To Lower Ride Height ,New NASCAR Kits.

    Looks like a quick and easy way to do it. If I ever buy a glue kit I will try it. Thanks Jonathan for posting the video.
  3. Lowering Revell Nascar kits?

    Here is kyle buschs car sitting in the pits. I don't believe that car is sitting 4 inches off the ground on the sides or front. In fact it looks like its sitting just like the second car posted above. The snap kit model if built stock looks like its sitting 8 scale inches off the ground, great for off roading. Seriously we should all just build are models the way it looks right to us.
  4. Jimmie Johnson Superman SS

    That's a great tip, Wayne. I would have never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.
  5. Lowering Revell Nascar kits?

    I totally agree with Wayne. I lower the front by drilling a new hole 1/8 inch higher for the front axle, and in the back I cutoff 1/8 inch from the posts where the rear axle mounts. Then just cut off 1/8 inch from each axle. It makes the model look a lot more like the real cars
  6. dale jr monte to a ford fusion short tracker?

    I would say yes. It came out perfect. Outstanding job on the conversion. And the paint is absolutely beautiful.
  7. Kevin Harvick 2016 Busch Hunting SS

    Another Excellent job, Wayne. Your builds are always top notch in detail, paint, decals, everything.
  8. The Six Pack

    Excellent job , Jim. Great work on the body improvements.
  9. buddy baker's grey ghost

    Excellent build. I bet Dale Junior would like to see this one as well.
  10. Jimmie Johnson Superman SS

    Bravo, Excellent job on the decals. I wouldn't even attempt to do one of those. Excellent build as well.
  11. Sheldon Creed ARCA Chevy dirt track car

    Thanks, Todd. I really appreciate the feedback.
  12. Revell Snaptite Max prepainted bodies

    Thanks, Dan.
  13. JJ's 2016 Kobalt SS - Las Vegas

    Looks great so far. Really enjoy the photography with the in garage look. If I hadn't seen the exhaust ports I would have thought it was a picture of the 1:1 car.
  14. Revell Snaptite Max prepainted bodies

    Dan , you really don't need to strip the silver. I used the junior body for a recent build did not strip the silver and painted the car white after spraying metallic silver then primer to block the blue. I got the tip from David Thibodeaux from a scale auto article. Here is my results.
  15. Revell Snaptite Max prepainted bodies

    Dan the plastic is blue. You can't strip it. Just prime it and then paint it metallic silver then prime it again and paint it any color you want. If your going with a dark color you can probably skip the metallic silver it is to prevent the dark blue body from bleeding into the top coat paint.