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  1. Maxx, be sure to post a wip so we can follow along on your journey. Thanks for the kind word.
  2. All excellent builds. Never seen the Robbins green version before.
  3. Almost finished. Just have to finish the rear axle oil pump. Install the taillight lenses. Install the left front headlight pod. Install the grille. Install the front bumper and air dam. Install the rear bumper. install the back glass straps. Decal the model and then future the model.
  4. Excellent build. I've always wanted to do an alternate history putting Rex White in a 64 Chevy that happened when Chevy decided not to drop out of nascar in 1963. Can't get enough inspiration to get it done.
  5. Wow, That's beautiful. Super clean build.
  6. I'm finally at the put the model together stage, so no more wip pictures. the next picture you will see, will be a finished photo and a link to the rest of them.
  7. Thanks, Pierre. I know the cage looks funny but that's the way the real car was built. Go figure
  8. Thanks Carl. Just need to find the right size tube or rod and put a top on it and some sort of bracket.
  9. Thanks, Carl. I can't seem to find the coil in the Corvette kit so I might have to make one, But I think the engine might be complete except for painting it and adding spark plug wires. That's all the plumbing I do. I need to put the blades back on the fan too.
  10. Thats it, folks. There is no top for the air cleaner. The hood with a duct built into it was the top for the air cleaner. Whenever they opened the hood, they would throw a rag on top of the carb. I'm not going to model the duct in the hood because I have no ref pictures about how it looked.
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