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  1. Ok, if slot car fever is correct, they have already made a decal sheet for this car and they are saying the car is blue and white with yellow numbers. I''d venture to say they are probably right. So there you go , John, just find you one of those sheets and the color looks like petty blue. Should be a pretty good looking model.
  2. I'm thinking the bottom of the car was the factory color and the white was added on the upper portions of the car since there was no white offered from the factory that year. If I was going to do it ,I would use Miami cream at the bottom , white at the top and pink numbers with black outlines . The sponsor would be black with white outlines. Looks like they put Greenville at the top of the quarter panels even though its also under the sponsor. Just my guess. If we can keep this thread going maybe someone with a color picture will see it and solve the mystery.
  3. Here's the 49 ford color chart. No guarantee that they kept the original factory color, but back then they usually did. You could do the bottom in Miami cream. And the top in white. Maybe somebody can find that color picture you need.
  4. The cars 3 movie includes Louise Smiths 49 ford. So if they got the colors right you could base your model on this picture. Doesn't seem like its right though. I guess the lower color could be pink or tan. Look at a color chart for 49 ford there might be a clue there you could pick up on
  5. Very nice , Pat. What would be the name of this cartoon character? "Flames Gordon"? Just need to add some flames.
  6. The one that comes in the kit is a pretty good start. Just add some styrene and foam pad here and there, and paint and decal it. Once the model is complete though, its really hard to see the seat, so I don't think most modelers fool too much with it,
  7. Perfect example , John. Looks just right.
  8. this is one process that a you tube video would really come in handy. anybody got a link?
  9. Another slm. These are great looking cars. the stripes on the wheels has more to do with scraping then painting. I'm not that good at it either, but im sure someone will fill you in on how it is done.
  10. Another Awesome one , Tim. I've always loved that year Plymouth. Excellent job chroming the bumpers. Paint and decal work superb as always.
  11. It might not be illegal on a really old car that is designated an antique, but if you don't pass the emmisions test on a car that's not an antique, you don't get a state inspection certificate, which makes the car illegal to drive. I'm not sure what the cutoff point is on the age for an antique. All I know is I haven't seen any 60's Impalas, Galaxies , Fury's or Polara's on the road for at least 30 years now. Maybe they are all gone in Texas.
  12. There's probably more old v8 American cars over there then we have here nowadays. They've all been outlawed off the road over here.
  13. Hakan, how many American v8's do you have running over there in Sweden? My grandfather immigrated from Sweden back in 1915 so I figure i'm 50% Swedish. He ended up in Joliet Illinois after he landed in New York. Eventually ended up owning a small grocery store that he was the butcher of. Cool old guy from what I can remember.
  14. Yup, that's the sound I was trying to remember. One that definitely need a muffler.
  15. Thanks for the photo. I have never seen her in this car before. This will be a great project.
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