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  1. Excellent job making a precise pattern to get a precise looking grille. No one will think that grille is not oob. What color were you thinking to make it?
  2. Awesome build, Jason. Super clean build, paint and attention to detail. Sits perfectly too. That gold is really impressive.
  3. All the attention to detail is really working out nicely. I like all your doing to make the build more authentic. Are the hood hinges something you came up with or is that oob?
  4. Thanks, Bob. Like I said, I think the switch plate is a little too big but that's about as small as I can work. I finish the chassis and am feeling good about it and then I realize I put the rear brake rotors on backwards. I can either leave it that way or cut off the calipers and try to make new ones to install in the correct position. Don't know if it's worth the effort. Bummer.
  5. Pierre, I'm glad I'm getting in fairly early on this wip. This is really going to be great. That blue is very deep and stunning. Curious it's not Green? I wonder what the story is behind that. Looking forward to more progress on this one.
  6. Another Wow, Pierre, That yellow looks spectacular. If you had a wip on this one, I totally missed it. Looks perfect as usual. If you can build one of these, A NextGen nascar would be nothing for you. I might need your help on the recipe for a yellow I'm going to have to do on a Nextgen Penske Mustang in the future. Again, some fabulous work on this one.
  7. Wow, Pierre, I had no idea you had finished this one. Really excellent build and driver too. Looks just like the ref photos and the paint looks perfect as usual. Now I need to find the 911. I guess I'm getting too old to keep up.
  8. I was following along on the 64 Sebring deal, but it hasn't updated lately, and I did not know you had finished it. Didn't know anything about the 911.
  9. Thanks, Pierre. The switches are .020 rod. When you use enamel chrome paint touch it on with a tooth pick a couple times on the tip which makes the tip a little bigger like a toggle switch. Jag project? where will it be?
  10. Finally got the switch plate and the digital mirror installed. The switch plate is too big, but I couldn't make it any smaller. My hands and eyes can't work any smaller. Just a couple more things to do to the chassis.
  11. Tim, don't know how I missed this one. Sharp and clean and beautiful as usual. Just like all your fantastic builds.
  12. Super clean beautiful build. Stance looks perfect.
  13. Thanks, Jason. Thats the picture I used loosely to do mine. My switch box is a little different from that one but basically the same. I had to make mine thinner to get in behind the shifter.
  14. Not correct, but without ref images, I'll just have to guess. It's hard to see this stuff when its installed anyway. the teams are sure secretive about what they let out there. Not a whole lot left to do on the chassis. Lookinf forward to moving on to the body.
  15. Okay guys. Any updates? This is very interesting building you got going on here.
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