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  1. Hi, This was built many years ago & has survived 2 house moves & various trips to shows, I`ts an italeri black thunder kit with added aftermarket parts, The V8 came from a Renault magnum kit as did the front disc`s , The paint is from rattle cans, Mudguards are made from aluminium sheet & the fuel tanks from ali tube with an air start tank from a Diamond reo . The lines are a mixture of airbrushing ,Decals & hand lining in white paint. Thanks for looking Graham.
  2. Hi Juergen. Suspend a piece of rigid wire horizontally held at each end, apply drops of thick clear polystyrene glue then brush on clear liquid polystyrene glue flowing it down till you get the shape , no set size whatever suits. Wait till dry then remove with tweezers apply to model with pva glue. Make more than you need. Hope this helps Graham Thanks all for the kind comments.
  3. Thanks for the advice Bill72, I do now pack out tyres, This was taken in 2008 & i should have checked it first. somethings look worse in photo`s. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  4. Hi, I got this off ebay in bits with parts missing some years back, I extended the frame & added sand boxes from plastic sheet & tube, The air horns are from a model boat- maybe a bit large- Washed & weathered with oils, The snow is made from decoraters powdered filler, with icicles from clear glue. Sprayed with flat varnish I then brushed some gloss varnish on top in places to look like thawing snow. I store this in a cool box to keep it frozen................... Looking at it now i should have sanded the front tyres. Thanks for looking Graham.
  5. Beautiful build, Model trucking at it`s best.
  6. Hi Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Graham.
  7. Hi, I saw this Mack parked in an industrial estate back in the 80`s , Because aftermarket cabs were thin on the ground then, I made a master for the cab in plaster of paris then made a mould & cast the cab in fibreglass with some extra work i came up with a shell to work with. The frame is a reworked diamond reo I added the aussie type bull made from plastic card & stone guard form brass strip & mesh, lots of parts from the spares box. Sprayed with cellulose & the lines with enamel This was built about 1989. I often thought of a rebuild adding mack wheels & the correct smaller radiator guard... Nothing has happened yet. So maybe not. The real truck is now with an american circus over here. Thanks for looking Graham.
  8. Thanks again for the positive comments. Graham
  9. Hi , Thanks for all the comments your all too kind, `Love the old school iron' brilliant. Graham
  10. This is a real nice truck, Those square headlights look really good. Graham.
  11. Hi hope everyones ok, From the archives, This Diamond T cab was from AITM mounted on a amt diamond reo frame. Mud flaps are homemade with vinyl & decals. The trailer is from amt with spare wheel & wood door added + mudflaps. Thanks for looking.
  12. Thanks for commenting, I`m digging in the archives at the moment so you may remember more Jim.
  13. This is looking great. I built a Royale 2 some years back ,must dig out the pics.
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